Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday - Sunny's Hope by Nola Cross

Today we've got a snippet from Nola Cross's latest release - Sunny's Hope.

When Sunny returned to the bed, she saw Ben had turned on to his back. She crawled in facing him, but was barely able to make out his profile in the dim room. Snuggling up close, she let her gaze drift over the strong line of his nose, his firm lips and chin. His light-colored hair, mussed with sleep, stuck up in endearing wisps from his scalp.

You must have been a darling little boy.

An unexpected wave of tenderness washed over her, and it was all she could do not to reach out and stroke his cheek. The stress and pain of the last two days had torn them apart in some ways, but now she could see that it had woven them more closely together in other ways. They’d come through something terrible, and their relationship had survived, seemed to have gotten stronger even, surpassing sexual attraction and simple friendship, and promising something more complex and enduring.

Of course, Jasmine’s road to recovery still lay ahead. No doubt that would put a strain on many areas of both their lives. Anxious questions tumbled through her head. How long before her daughter came fully awake? Would she be impaired, and if so, how badly? Would she ever be completely normal again?

Would Ben get tired of her need to focus on her daughter’s care? And if Sunny was fully involved in Jasmine’s therapies, her recovery, would she have any emotional energy left for a love life with Ben?

She sighed, suddenly overwhelmed and sad. Things had looked so promising for them. She longed to go back in time to that afternoon at the snow park when he’d pulled her close and kissed her with such heated passion.

“See anything you like?” Ben’s voice was a quiet rumble in the dark.

Sunny gave a squawk of surprise. “You were awake all this time?”

“I woke up when you left the bed. I guess I’m not used to people coming and going at all hours.”

“I would hope not.”

A few seconds went by.

“I’d like to get used to it, Sunny.” He rolled on his side so they were facing each other. She felt his fingers graze the side of her face. Even though she couldn’t see him clearly, she guessed there was a mischievous light dancing in his blue eyes.

“What are you saying, Ben?”

“Only that it feels right to have you here beside me.”

“Oh. Yes.”

They were silent. Sunny tried to pry her mind open far enough to consider the implications of his statement. She couldn’t begin to field all the questions that arose. On top of all the unknowns surrounding Jasmine’s health, it was just too much. Too soon.

“I can’t think about that right now,” she finally said.

“That’s all right. There’s no rush. I’m not going anywhere.”

The quiet promise in his words brought unexpected tears to her eyes. Wasn’t this guy almost too good to be true? His quiet reassurance filled her with a renewed sense of hope. With Ben as her champion, she could go forward. Together they could face anything.



“Will you make love to me?”

“What about your neck?”

“We can be careful.”

“Are you sure? I don’t want to hurt you.”

“I’ll let you know if I’m uncomfortable.”

“Come here then,” he whispered, and pulled her close.

In the dark, his lips found hers, moving gently but with purpose on her mouth, and his hand coasted slowly down her body and back up again, finding her breast.

“Yes,” she murmured as he caressed her flesh, through the soft layer of flannel at first and then with her top pushed up. His hand was warm, possessive, arousing and soothing at the same time. Eventually her sensitive nipples responded, pebbling against his palm, and she couldn’t stop the low moan that curled in her throat.

“You like that?” He pressed a kiss to her hairline as his hand continued its explorations. Soft pinches and tugs made her squirm with pleasure.

“Mmm. Yes. Don’t ever stop.”


Can their bright new love survive?

It's a new year and Sunny Williamson and Ben Stillman have just fallen in love. The future holds so much shining promise for them and their two kids. Then, after a wonderful family day together, tragedy strikes. They are all involved in a serious car crash, and both Sunny and her little girl, Jasmine, are injured. While Sunny's injuries are fairly minor, Jasmine hovers in a coma from which she may never fully recover.

Can Sunny—a grade-school teacher—accept the unthinkable idea that her daughter may have permanent brain damage? Can she fend off her slimy ex-husband, who is only out to profit from their misfortune? And will Ben always be tormented by a terrible sense of guilt, wondering if there was something he could have done to prevent the collision?

As Sunny and Ben struggle to come to terms with the calamity, their relationship is put to the ultimate test. Will their bright new love survive or shatter like delicate ice?

Content Warning: contains scenes of sensual sex and adult language

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