Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday ~ Hijacked

Hi! I'm so happy to be visiting here today. I've brought along an excerpt of Hijacked, the second novella in The Night Series. This is one of my favorite scenes- chocolate pie, coffee, and a hot guy.

The waitress delivered her coffee and Sharon ordered a piece of chocolate fudge pie. Not that she was hungry, she wasn’t, and as much as she loved sweets, she didn’t usually eat them, but she figured the entire night had been out-of-order so why not finish it out with something that would make her stomach happy.

Once the slice of chocolate goodness was staring back at her, she took a small bite, savoring the sweetness, and leaned back against the cushioned seat. She dug through her purse and pulled out the romance novel she’d started reading earlier in the week. Within minutes she was lost in the pages, just stopping long enough to sip coffee or get another mouthful of smooth chocolate.

Five chapters later, on the outer limits of her thoughts she heard someone talking, saying a name over and over again. Keeping her eyes on the page in front of her, she tuned in to the voice, a man’s.



“Missy or Sharon?” His voice echoed in her head.

She closed her eyes, forcing her lids to block her sight, she told herself it was not happening. Kyle was not standing a foot away from her table. He was not giving her that damn crooked smile that made her heart do crazy things under her chest walls—flutters and flips she couldn’t control. She heard movement, heard someone slide into the seat across from her. She released the breath she’d been holding. Continuing to convince herself that if she didn’t see him, he wasn’t really there, she lifted the book directly in front of her face and opened her eyes to the black print that no longer looked like formed words but jumbled letters scattered across the page.

Her plate scooted across the table. The fork clinked against the cheap white glass on which her half-eaten slice of pie sat. She gnawed on the inside of her lip. Was he seriously eating her pie?

“What are you doing here in the middle of the night?” he asked.

She flinched at his voice and turned a page as if she could make sense of the printed words.

“Does Vic know you’re here?” he asked, lightly tapping the fork against the plate.

Sharon lowered the book, laying it on the table, and met his eyes. In the light of the diner the blue in them was more intense than what she recalled. And they were smoldering and sexy as hell, and the way they watched her made the inside of her thighs quake. She took a deep breath, fighting the urge to literally crawl across the top of the table and straddle him where he sat. She wanted to tell him the truth about her and Vic—that it was nothing but a fabrication he’d made up to save his pride because the real Missy was busy getting pounded by Stone Larson—but she figured it wasn’t her cover to blow, so instead she said, “Vic doesn’t control me.”


Will an unexpected encounter leave Sharon's heart hijacked? 

When Sharon Blake meets Kyle Phillips her first instinct is to simply seek the pleasure she's certain he can give her. But surprisingly, she feels a strong connection with him, something she's never experienced before, and that conflicts with everything she's always believed—sex is sex and nothing more. 

The last woman Kyle trusted with his heart betrayed him, and he has no interest in getting involved with anyone. There's only one problem—now that he's met Sharon, he craves her touch, her laughter, the look in her eyes when he pulls her near. 

Kyle and Sharon soon realize that being apart isn't an option. Someone else, though, has different plans for Kyle, and Sharon is left questioning everything he's told her. Kyle tries to explain, to make things right again, but Sharon doesn't know if she can trust him, and her instinct is to walk away now before her heart is bruised even further. 

Content Warning: strong language and graphic sex


  1. Oooo great hook, thanks for sharing!

  2. Sounds great! Adding this to my TBR ;)