Monday, January 27, 2014

14 Facts About Me

I've been tagged this week several times on Facebook to share 14 random facts about me.

1. I've never been to Disney, but we are taking the kids this summer.
2. I am the only member in my family (prior to getting married and having kids) that was born in Georgia. The rest of my family is in Connecticut.
3. I just learned to crochet.
4. I love proof reading other peoples books before they go out to publication.
5. I wish I was more crafty, but I do simple things.
6. I'm working hard to break my Facebook addiction. I no long want to aimlessly scroll the newsfeed when I could be doing so much more. But man, it's hard to stop.
7. I hate it when someone doesn't like me.
8. I'm a people pleaser - probably why number 7 exists.
9. I am developing more of a backbone and telling others what is up.
10. You will find a peace of me in each other my heroines. And most likely, a piece of my husband too.
11. My husband was my boss. We met when I worked at Shoney's as a waitress.
12. I'm now the boss. :)
13. My dog drives me crazy. I just don't understand her. *Sigh, I'm a cat person.*
14. I'm addicted to HGTV. I could watch it all day and I do! Perfect network for background noise while I write.

-Lacey Wolfe

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