Saturday, January 25, 2014

Baby it's cold outside

I have a tendency to place my stories in the warmer months. I don't know why. But there's something fun about cold weather romance. When your characters are shivering, they really need to be motivated before they peel off their protective layers. Talk about a metaphor.

One of the sexiest scenes in a movie, in my opinion anyway, is from The Age of Innocence. Daniel Day Lewis slowly opens the buttons on Michelle Pfeiffer's glove just to touch her bare skin. When everything else is covered and modesty reigns, something so subtle can be surprisingly arousing. Believe it or not, it's equally romantic to have a man help a woman into her coat. Maybe she'll loop his scarf around his neck and hold onto the ends while they share a moment studying each other, taking in every detail of the face before them. There's power in those pauses.

The weather can work for or against the couple, and the writer. It presents a whole different set of challenges. Where will they meet? What can they do together? What will be right for this couple? I bit that hook and swam with it and I'm thrilled to say I signed a new contract with Beachwalk Press to bring my chilly yet heartwarming novella, Sexual Politics to an eReader near you sometime this year. I don't know the details yet.

In the meantime, to satisfy your curiosity, I've shared an excerpt from Sexual Politics on my blog. Here's the unofficial blurb--subject to changes because the publisher hasn't approved it yet.

I've also got some images on my Pinterest Short Stories board to intrigue you further.

Naturally I had to include a picture from one of my all-time favorite winter romances, Serendipity. A must see.


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