Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tuesday Tips: Living with 6 cats.

Welcome to this weeks Tuesday Tips!

*Note: this is a recycled Tuesday Tips post!*

Today I am going to give you 6 tips to living with cats. And you may be wondering why 6. Because I'm a crazy cat lady at the age of 29 (for only a few more days!) and I don't see it changing anytime soon.

  1. Make sure the cat can never and I mean never see the bottom of the bowl. If even a glimpse of the bottom on the bowl is showing, you'd better believe they are going to require you to add a fresh later. And no, pushing the food around to cover the bottom does not work.
  2. If your cat goes indoors and out, you must be available at their beckon call. If they want out, drop everything you are doing to let them out, the same as when they want in. Unlike a dog who you can say, "Go lay down." The cat will then stand up with claws out and pick at your curtains. Repeat letting the cat in and out about 15 times before they will lay down and go to sleep.
  3. The sound of a spoon clinking on a bowl is code for: I'm going to share. Be prepared for a furry head to shove its head between the spoon and your mouth. Another note, watch out for the butt. If you refuse to share your food, the cat will then dance around and make sure its butt comes within close enough contact with your food. Learn to eat and move bowl. Once again, tell the cat to go lay down will not work.
  4. Check blankets on couch before sitting. There is a good chance if cat is not to be found, they may be inside of it. I've sat on a cat a time or two.
  5. Cover all dishes in the kitchen while you eat dinner. Even the most trained cat (do those exist?) will be sneaky. In fact, I've had one open a pizza box and remove a slice for themselves and I never heard it.
  6. Keep a lint brush in the car. Wearing nice black slacks? Cat will want extra love and with your refusing, they'll rub along your legs repeatedly.
And now with all these tips, I'm going to share a few photos of my cats.

This is Zoey, a medium haired black cat.

This is Valerie, a long haired tabby. (The cat who usually gets sat on.)

This is Callie, a short haired tortie shell
And finally, Patty Cake (orange and white), Mama Kitty (torti in the middle) and Bobby (tabby)

Yes, we're crazy to have so many kitties, but each one is special. 
Hope my Tuesday Tip helped you with your kitty troubles.


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