Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Cheap Thrills

Okay, today I felt the need to post about those Liquid Plumr commercials. Have you seen 'em? You know, the ones playing off the 70's porn movie trope with Barry White narrating?

"I'm here to snake your drain...."
"I'm here to flush the pipe...."

Yeah, I dig them. Maybe a little too much. Seriously, it's about time we got our eye candy fix when you consider how many commercials are directed solely to men featuring hot women. I can't make it through the 30 second ad without a silly grin--the entire thing is suggestive start to finish. And it's a blast to watch. Though I haven't seen the entire thing as it is in the above YouTube video, I can only assume my area felt they'd pushed the envelope too much.

Oh and did you see the price tag above the melons at the end of the commercial? (The melons the guy is handling with expert hands?) LOL

Anyone else have some fun and favorite commercials they'd like to share? I'd love to see them!


  1. I love the playful titillation too. I've seen a couple of salad dressing commercials featuring a hot guy. In one, his shirt is torn right off of him while he's making a salad. On another, he's doused with water so his t-shirt clings to his chest. Makes me laugh. It's about time advertisers paid attention to women's libidos and let us in on the fun.

  2. Currently my favorite sexy commercial is the Trojan's commercial that features the song "All Shook Up". Every time I see it I walk around singing that song for the next day.