Thursday, August 1, 2013

My 1st paranormal romance finds a home with Beachwalk Press...

I'm pleased to announce my paranormal time travel novel Find Me has found a home. I recently signed my 8th contract with Beachwalk Press.

Here's a little summary.

A love that transcends time…

Riley Sparrow dreams of a handsome, intriguing stranger who comes to her on her 25th birthday. Each night the dreams get more intense when her night time guest leaves her clues as to his whereabouts. The dream always ends in a whisper…

Find Me…

She has denied her birthright her entire life. She descends from a strong line of witches and warlocks, but has refused her powers up until now. Will her estranged grandfather help her travel back in time to save the man she believes she's meant to be with?

If she finds him, can she save him from the evil that haunts them both? By securing his past, she knows there can never be a future for them in her time.


I started writing this one last November. It was one of those stories that didn't take priority but when I had an idea or a thought I'd jot it down. Eventually the tale became front and center in my head and I managed to finish it. Even when I finished it, I couldn't leave it alone. I kept going back and editing and tweaking. Every time I opened the document, I ended up revising the book. That's usually not my style. I'm the type of author who writes the book and that's that. I see the plot develop, the story plays out in my mind, the characters do what I say, and I'm good to go. That wasn't the case this time. I kept going back and playing with it until finally I realized why things were so different this time around. This novel is like none I've written before. 

It's a paranormal romance. Although horror, witches and vampires are my favorite types of books to read, I never considered myself that type of author. Have we met? I write contemporary, erotic romance. Find Me is about a present day witch who falls for a warlock from 1963. While the contemporary flair is there, a good portion of this book is set in the sixties. 

Let's talk about the erotic portion of this novel. Well, that's the thing, there doesn't seem to be any. Again, have we met? I write kink like nobody's business (Be My Everything,Make Me Stay and Surrender to Me come to mind). When I set out to write Find Me there was no reason to think it wouldn't involve sex and lots of it. We have a smokin' hawt warlock who happens to be enjoying the sexual revolution when he comes face to face with a goddess of a witch from the future. That's a total recipe for steamy, smexy sex. Right? Not so much. While this novel doesn't lack the heat and there are no closed door scenes, I seemed to have strayed away from my usual naughty bedroom antics. Why? It didn't feel right this time. I'm not saying you won't be treated to some panty soakin' moments but they are a bit tamer.

Unedited teaser...

The squeak of the faucet turning off distracted her tranquil thoughts. She opened her eyes to find him sitting on the edge of the tub looking down at her. For a moment, she felt self-conscious. She glanced down and discovered her body covered in thick white bubbles. He couldn’t see anything but the tops of her shoulders, neck and face.
“Sorry,” he said. “I was afraid the water would overflow.”
“Am I awake?”
He shook his head. She noted his green eyes sparkled even in the dim lighting of the bathroom.
“Well, then how—“
“It’s complicated.” His thin, pink lips formed a small smile. “I can’t explain now.”
“Why not?”
“There isn’t enough time to make you understand while you’re in your current state. We need much more time. You can get that for us.”
“Are you real or am I crazy?”
“I’m very real just stuck between realms. I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.” He slid off the side of the tub and knelt down on the floor. “I’m afraid I can’t stay very long. I keep trying to figure out how to increase the length of my visits but nothing seems to work.”
“I don’t know you.”
“You will.” He reached for the clip in her hair. “May I?”
She nodded.
Once he freed her hair from its confines, he smoothed the damp locks out with his hand. “I like when you wear it down. It’s so pretty.” He continued to stroke her hair. “You’re just as beautiful as I remember.”
“How do you know me?” She shifted her position to face him placing her arms on the edge of the tub. She breathed in his crisp scent. He smelled of spice maybe a hint of cinnamon.
“I…” He trailed off when his gaze caught her exposed breasts. He looked lost in a distant memory.
When she turned to face him she must have upset the bubbles that had shielded her skin. Her nipples hardened as she watched him take in her flesh. She no longer felt embarrassed.
“I have to go.”
“You keep leaving me. I don’t like it.”
“That’s why you need to find me.”  He leaned forward. “I know you can. You’re very powerful.” He brushed his lips against her jaw. A rush of warmth coursed through her and settled between her legs. “Find me, Riley.” He kissed the corner of her mouth, lingering a second longer than usual. She took the opportunity to run her tongue along his soft lips. “Find me now.”

The intimate encounters get a little more intense as the story unfolds. I mean, come on, I'm still Ella Jade ;) I'm really excited to share this one with you guys. I have several starts in my idea journal for a warlock/witch series. They don't have anything to do with Find Me, but I have been thinking about such a collection for years. I'm wondering if after writing Find Me, it will finally be time for me to unleash my darker roots and tell the tales of other worlds. Its a dream I've kept hidden for a long time. Stay tuned...

Look for Find Me to release with Beachwalk Press late 2013 or early 2014.


  1. This sounds amazing. Can't wait to read it.

  2. Sometimes the characters tell you that they DON'T need the sex, just the journey.

    Congratulations and I can't wait to read it.