Saturday, July 27, 2013

Rescue Me

Friends and Lovers is coming in print!  I'm eagerly awaiting my own copies. In the meantime, I just had to check on Amazon and there it was!  I'll try to contain my excitement here, and the number of exclamation points I use, but seriously, it won't be easy.

Why should you care? Let me introduce you to Wes Dunlop, the hero in Friends and Lovers.  Now, admittedly, I only write heroes I can fall in love with myself. These guys are a cut above yet incredibly human. Wes, well, he's out there in front of this incredible manly pack.

Like any guy, he's got flaws and a past that he's still apologizing for, yet he's a decent person with a strong sense of justice. There's a protective streak running through him and it drove him into law enforcement. He never looked back. His commitment to protect and serve doesn't stop once he's off the clock, either.

Wes is a lover and a fighter, his fists and aim equally dangerous. I love that he takes his job seriously, not himself. One more thing. His heart is steady and it belongs to Lauren McKay. It has for a long time. We find out there isn't anything he wouldn't face to keep her safe, whether it's her temper or an imbalanced gunman.

So get to know Wes, Lauren, and the wonderful supporting cast of characters who color and lighten this exciting and tender love story.

Let me share some links.  Friends and Lovers (in print!)  See, I snuck another exclamation point past you.

Here are more links. I presume they're primarily eBook formats but I haven't checked yet.

AmazonAmazon UKBarnes & NobleBeachwalk PressAll Romance eBooksBookstrand,Coffee Time Romance BookstoreBooks A MillionBookUExclusivesWaterstones (UK) ,WHSmith (UK), and Kobo.

-Have a safe and wonderful weekend, and yes, slip Friends and Lovers into your beach bag. You won't be disappointed.

- Tara Mills