Saturday, November 10, 2012

Part Three

 I hope you had a wonderful week. I myself have had a lazy one. My children have been recovering from being sick, so pretty much zero writing done. I intend to do as much as I can this coming week. What are you plans?  I would love to hear, as I hope they are better than mine. Here is what you’re all waiting for.
His Holiday Lifesaver
By Hazel Gower
Continued from last week:
Brad couldn’t believe what he was going to do, but Alex’s stupid remark kept playing in his head. It didn’t help that Hailey was beautiful and really sweet. “I know this is going to make me sound crazy, but please hear me out.”
He glanced over and saw her nod.
“I could really use your help. My family is having a Christmas dinner, and every year I have women thrown at me. Aunties, sisters, and even uncles try to set me up. I won’t even get into my parents, that’s an everyday thing with them. Anyway, there’s no other way to say this, so….will you be my pretend girlfriend for a while? Before you say anything, I’m not crazy, it’s just, you’re perfect, and you will only be in the country for three weeks, so you won’t have to pretend for long.” Groaning he ran his fingers through his hair. This was harder than he thought it would be. “Look, I’m screwing this up, but please, I need your help. I would like to get to know you also, and I could show you some awesome places, help you explore. Please.” He pulled up to the front of the cheap motel and turned to face her. She was studying him like he had gone mad. Maybe he had, but she was his solution to peace from his family for a while.
“What would being your pretend girlfriend entail?”
“Not much. Us hanging out. You coming tonight, saying we meet over the internet and you’re here to visit Australia and meet me. If you do this, I’ll take you anywhere you want to go, be your personal tour guide while you’re here.”
“Don’t you have to work?”
“I own a couple of gyms, and my mangers can run them for a while. So, what do you say?”
“Are you sure your family won’t mind if I come. I am an extra person they will have to feed.”
“Trust me, my family will love you.”
She stared at him for a moment, then nodded her head. “When do you need me ready?”
“Could you grab some clothes now? I’ll wait in the car. You can get dressed at my house. I have three bathrooms, and I’m sure all of them are bigger than any you have in there.”
Hailey sighed. “I know I shouldn’t be doing this, but what the hell. Please tell me you have a bath, I would kill for a soak in a tub.”
He groaned as images came at him of her soaking in his spa bath. Not trusting his voice, he simply nodded. She got out of the car and he watched her walk down to one of the rooms. Her shorts and blue singlet both clung to her curves, leaving nothing to the imagination.
This was going to work out. What she had told him so far about herself he liked. He knew she wasn’t selfish and family had meant everything to her.
Hailey come back to his car wearing dry clothing and carrying a backpack. “Let’s go before I change my mind.”
To be continued……

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