Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Show and tell!

Hello Spicy Authors and Readers!

Gosh, it's been a while and I've got a lot of catching up to do... I've been away in hiding trying to get this novel of mine finished - it's the prequel to A Clockwork Butterfly and I may have just hit the wall! Marathon writing can do that sometimes...grrrr - for me anyway ;/

This week was a biggy for me as I received my paperback copies of my book from Beachwalk - I had only seen it as an ebook or on my PC so I didn't really know what to expect for its physical arrival.

I thought it would be a little thin book with not many pages - the first clue that this might not be the case was the weight of the box - Wow! The books are lush, sexy and packed full of lovely big pages! It was an odd sensation seeing and feeling something I had created as an actual 'thing'.

So to the theme of this blog - show and tell - now, I write erotic romance - explicit and with more than one or two naughty words thrown in... my gran is fully aware of this but because my books are almost always eBooks - I have been safe from exposing her to the actual writing as she doesn't have a reader or a PC - she's my biggest fan despite never having read anything by me!

So I told her the books had arrived - "Wonderful," says she, "Where is it then, hand it over!" I explained the nature of the content and she told me that being three times my age (almost) maybe she'd heard or read about some of these things already and that it took a lot to shock her...

So - here goes... now for my friends!

x x x T

oh, PS - you can get A Clockwork Butterfly in paperback for a discount and free shipping right now at Beachwalk... - hope you enjoy!

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