Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lorenzo still does it for me...

Around this time last year, I was working on my book Crossfire of Love. As a teenager, I had a bit of an obsession with Mafia books and movies. One Christmas day I even begged my uncle to take me to see The Godfather III. We went. It wasn't the best way to close out the trilogy, but what can you do?
Anyway, when the idea came up to do an arranged marriage story, I wanted to figure out a way to set the plot in a contemporary setting. Crossfire of Love was born and my hero Lorenzo became front and center in all of my thoughts. He's a smooth, educated, Latin lover who knows how to get Gabriella all worked up;) I used my love of mob-themed stories to spin this tale. Here's what I came up with...
Can an arranged marriage lead to love?

Recent college graduate Gabriella has finally married the man of her dreams, the older, charismatic attorney Lorenzo Martinez. She's had a crush on him for as long as she can remember and always imagined they'd one day find their happily ever after. Unfortunately, they enter into a union arranged by their fathers.

Lorenzo is charming, protective, and loyal to his crime lord father Carlo. When Carlo asks Lorenzo to marry Gabriella he jumps at the opportunity. He's been drawn to her for many years and knows by marrying her he's helping to protect her father.

Gabby is resentful and won't be Lorenzo's charity case. But sparks fly and the couple soon gives into their desire, realizing they were meant to be together.

What happens when Carlo's enemies threaten their future? Will someone get caught in the crossfire?

"I’m just saying I wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to be with someone else." Anyone but Madison, but it wasn’t her place to choose.

"Gabriella." He advanced her again and placed his hand on her shoulder. "This isn’t an open marriage. I don’t care how much of a sham you think this is. I will not be having sex with anyone else."

She nodded and swallowed hard. She felt his warm breath on her lips and the ache between her legs increased. In all the years she’d known him, she’d never seen him so serious. It scared her a little, but at the same time it excited her. What was he doing to her?

"And neither will you."

She looked down at her feet because she hated to stare into his beautiful green eyes. When she looked directly into them she felt she’d surrender everything to him. He was too easy to get lost in, and she couldn’t lose any more of herself than she already had.

"Are we clear?"

Crossfire of Love was recently reviewed over at Confessions from Romaholics. They gave the book 5 Couples!

"It’s a fresh and interesting story..."

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