Friday, October 26, 2012

Given...Coming soon!

 I’m so excited for this release! I loved writing this hot story of one woman forced to love six men.  This is a story that is SPICY as heck, but also jam packed with emotion. Look for this book January 21, 2013. Here’s a little snippet…enjoy.

With all the emotion and testosterone, she knew she was treading in dangerous waters. “You know what would be hot,” he asked in her ear.
“No,” she whispered back. Her mouth felt dry. His sexy voice was causing her panties to feel damp.
“If you went up stairs, put on that cute little skirt I picked out for you, and you came back without panties, straddled my lap, and fucked me at the dinner table. Should we ask the others if they want a show with their dinner? I don’t mind sharing you at all sexy girl.”
“I’d love to see that,” Mal said loudly, clearly eavesdropping. “If you’re up for it, I’d take my turn tonight and give you Sunday back.”
She felt the heat of their words and her breath came out in little pants. She looked over at Brax. His eyes were dark, and she saw jealousy there. Jared looked uncomfortable and Damon reached down, she noticed him adjusting his cock.
“I don’t want any hard feelings. I’m willing to be shared, if you promise me it won’t be like before.”
“The only thing hard around here is our pricks. Anyone have a problem sharing my night?” No one spoke up. “Good. Now someone give Steve the night off. I want to take her right here.”
“But the patio door, someone might see,” Krista protested.
“No one is going to see. The guards are away from the doors and no one is getting into our little fortress. Now go upstairs and change for me baby girl.”
Krista’s stomach churned. She’d learned to like sex, far more than she’d expected to. She wanted this as much as her men did, but she hoped Max and Brax wouldn’t feel upset. The idea of them all loving her left her legs wobbly, but she managed to make it up the stairs without falling and breaking her neck. She dressed in the short skirt DeAnthony had requested. In a moment of boldness, she took off her shirt and her bra. Taking a few deep breaths, she waited, giving Steve time to leave. She applied some fresh make up and combed her long brown hair, noticing how the sun played with the red highlights. She hoped the men noticed too. Looking in the mirror, she smiled. Perfect. She knew she had nice breasts. They weren’t too big or too small. The nipples hardened in the cool air as she gazed at herself in the mirror. Her face glowed with a deep flush. She looked into her blue eyes and didn’t recognize herself. She’d changed, become bolder. Now if I could just be brave enough to choose freedom. She shook off the stray thought, knowing it was too late. There was no going back. She was here now. She walked quietly down the stairs, once again glad for the home’s newness and the lack of squeaking.
“What the fuck is your problem Braxton?”
“I don’t like this. She’s not a sex toy. If they decide we aren’t treating her right, she’s gone!”
“Yeah, you don’t need to remind me. I know that, but she’s willing to do this. It’s not as if we’re beating her or hurting her. She wants this and you know it,” DeAnthony protested.
“She’s sweet and wants to keep us happy. Maybe she doesn’t really want this,” Brax countered.
“If you want to go to your room, do it. If she’ll let us share, we share. The goal is to get her pregnant. They won’t care how we do it, as long as we do. Don’t be an ass,” Mal sounded off angrily.
“Well, I don’t want her hurt.”
“She won’t be,” Jared’s voice was soft. Krista could hear the strain and assumed desire put it there.
Krista continued down the stairs. She bit her lip, not sure how to assure Brax she was okay. He was her favorite, but that didn’t mean she could be his exclusively, they both knew she belonged to them all. If she could choose, it would be Brax every night, but she didn’t have that luxury. At least this way he’d be there too.
She stood next to the stairs, Mal stood. Brax turned and she saw his nostrils flair. He scowled. She smiled at him. He turned away. Her heart squeezed painfully in her chest. A small flame of anger flared. He didn’t have the right to be angry anymore than she had the right to say no to DeAnthony.

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  1. I'm super excited about its upcoming release too!