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Cade is in the house...

I was recently a guest on A neat blog that features heroes from romance novels. I did an interview with Cade Jameson from Make Me Stay and I thought I'd repost it here in case you missed it. I, for one, love any time I get to spend with Cade. He’s a domineering lover and knows how to get the most out of his girl, but he’s also a sexy romantic who would do anything for his heroine Gracie.
Here’s the blurb from the novella and then we’ll get to know a little but about Cade.
Can the sub teach the Dom to play?
Natural submissive Gracie Miller thought she had found her other half in Cade Jameson. Not only did he help her through a difficult time in her life, in the bedroom he brought her more pleasure than she could have ever imagined. They seemed perfect for each other.
Cade knew what he wanted in the bedroom. Gracie brought out his domineering side and ignited his passion. But he feared he was too dominant for this beautiful, naïve girl, who was so young and impressionable, so he ended their relationship.
Two and a half years later, Gracie returns to town a new woman. She had moved to the city and found a "Master" who showed her what she was truly capable of. Now she's back and wants to show Cade exactly what kind of submissive she could be for him.
But after hearing all that she's experienced, Cade now wonders if he's dominant enough to satisfy her. Can he be the man Gracie needs him to be?
Ella – Cade, you’re not a traditional Dom, are you?
Cade – I don’t know, Ella, you tell us. You created me.
Ella – Seriously? You pick now to be a smartass?
Cade – Just teasing, baby. *winks* No, I’m not what most would consider a traditional Dom. I liked to play when I was younger. Maybe a little bondage and an occasional spanking, but I wasn’t hardcore.
Ella – What changed?
Cade – Gracie. *smiles* She changed my whole world.
Ella- She was your girlfriend, but you asked her to leave. Why did you do that?
Cade – Gracie was young and impressionable. She did whatever I asked of her in the bedroom. All she wanted to do was please me. She counted on me for everything. I was her whole world but I was afraid I was too dominant for her. I wanted her to find happiness and at the time I didn’t think it could be with me.
Ella – So, you told her to go and she did?
Cade – She always did what I told her to do, but I never expected her to disappear into the night. I had no idea where she went or who she was with. She had no one. I was it. I was frantic with worry and I never forgave myself for letting her go.
Ella- You must have been devastated. Did you go after her?
Cade – I hired a PI to find her but it was as if she had vanished. She didn’t want to be found at least not by me.
Ella – Where did she go?
Cade – She had this crazy idea that she was meant to be my submissive, so she went to NYC and found herself a Dominant who trained her to be the perfect sub.
Ella – For you? Wow, that’s love.
Cade – Tell me about it. She hooked up with this guy who owned a BDSM club. He was the head Dom in his circle and he wanted Gracie. He showed her a different life.
Ella – Ah, yes, Martin. We’ll get to him in a few.
Cade – Yeah, I hear Martin is getting his own book and Gracie and I get to be in it.
Ella – I heard a similar rumor, but first the readers want to know what happened when Gracie came back to town because that’s where your story really begins. I have a feeling things got pretty heated.
Cade – and pretty quick.
Ella- Oh, the scene in your office. Very hot if I do say so myself!
Cade - Yes, well, I hadn’t seen her in two years and when she showed up I let emotion take over. Let’s just say I wasn’t thinking with my brain. *smirks*
Ella – Hmm… anyway, your connection to one another is very emotional. It’s different from the traditional D/s relationship.
Cade – That’s because I didn’t think I could be a Dom for Gracie. I didn’t want that for her. I promised myself that if she ever came back to me I’d do things differently.
Ella – What made you change your mind?
Cade – I realized it wasn’t my decision alone. I was wrong to send her away. She’s so determined and knows who she is. At times that can be intimidating.
Ella – You’re intimidated by your sub? That’s different.
Cade – Not in the bedroom. But, when Gracie came back to me I didn’t see the girl who left. I only saw the woman who returned. She’s intelligent, beautiful and mine. It doesn’t get much better than that. I would do anything she asks.
Ella – You’re head over heels in love with this girl.
Cade – You have no idea.
Ella – Well, I kinda do.
Cade – Now who’s the smartass?
Ella - *clears throat* Now that you two have established that you can handle a BDSM relationship, how does that work? I know you didn’t want the roles you play in the bedroom to define who you were in your everyday life.
Cade – I’m Gracie’s Dom in the bedroom. I like to dominant and she likes to submit. I love her and respect her, so we needed to find the balance. A way to blend the BDSM lifestyle into our everyday lives. Martin has been instrumental in helping us establish our limits. He loves Gracie almost as much as I do and wants the best for her. She was lucky she found such a caring, sensitive Dom to look after her when I couldn’t.
Ella – Martin is an interesting character and has totally dominated me into telling his story. I’m working on Surrender to Me where you and Gracie will be featured. This book will give the readers a chance to see how far you and Gracie have progressed in your unique lifestyle.
Cade – I think they’ll be very pleased to see where you’ve taken us.
Ella – I hope so.
Here’s a little excerpt from Make Me Stay…
Ten minutes later they were seated at a quaint restaurant in the center of town. Cade had requested a quiet table in the back so they wouldn't be interrupted. He was confused enough and didn't need any distractions. Being a well-known businessman, he was always running into people who wanted to have a drink with him. Gracie's return would probably be the talk of the town in a matter of days.
Once they ordered dinner and the waitress poured their wine he'd had enough small talk. He wanted answers.
"Why did you come back?"
"I told you." Gracie sipped her wine. "I took a job here."
"Do you think I'm stupid?"
"Of course not." She lowered her head.
"Don't do that."
"Do what?"
"Just look at me." He was puzzled over her return and her elusiveness frustrated him.
She quickly raised her gaze, meeting his eyes.
"You walked away from this town without a trace. I don't believe you would come back after all this time to consult. Something isn't right."
"You told me to leave."
"Me!" He tapped his chest. "I told you to leave me. I never expected you to disappear. I thought I'd know where you were and what you were doing." Even though he told her to go, he'd always intended to take care of her.
"Without you, there wasn't anything here for me. You were everything. I had no family. I lived in your house. Where did you expect me to go?"
"We could have figured it out together. I would have made sure you were taken care of." She'd always been his responsibility and when she left he panicked she'd end up on the street.
"I needed to go. I had to figure out who I was. That's what you wanted."
"I wanted you to be happy."
"I am." She smiled. "I told you, I met someone who helped me."
"Then why aren't you with him?" He didn't like to think about her with another man. It infuriated him to know someone else touched what was his, even if he did let her go. "Are you running from him? Is that why you're back here? Do you need my help?"
She laughed. "I could never run from Martin."
He hated knowing his name. "So, Martin was your boyfriend?"
"Not really." She took another sip of her wine.
Her mysterious behavior pissed him off. She'd better start talking and fast.
"Your husband?" He felt his blood boil. Could she have gotten married?
"Cade," she said as she reached for his hand. "I don't want you to freak, but Martin was my Dom. I was his submissive."
Oh and here’s a picture of how I envision Cade and Gracie.

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  1. Great interview!!! I do love Cade and can't wait to read martin's story!