Monday, August 20, 2012

New Release! Bound By Pleasure

Bound By Pleasure is the first BDSM novella that I’ve written. I never thought this would be a genre that I would write, but one day this idea hit and it kept speaking to me. I knew I had to craft it. And the story took no time to write. I found that creating a BDSM story was one of the easiest type of stories that I’ve written.

So, I sat down and wondered, what sets my story apart from every other book in this genre. I’m not the first to write a story about the heroine entering into this lifestyle for the first time. However, I think I stayed true to how someone would feel. Megan is scared and often doubts if this is what she wants. She likes the smoking hot sex, but giving up control isn’t as easy as she thought. And punishment, it’s something she doesn’t understand. For the life of her, she can’t figure out why anyone would want to be spanked.

Also, I wanted my hero of the story to be different from most of the Dom’s readers read about. Greg isn’t a high-powered business man. He doesn’t spend his days in meetings and being in control of everything. Instead, he’s a struggling artist. He spends his days painting. His life is anything but organized.

The heroine and hero themselves I think make my story unique. I love reading about the CEO Dom’s myself, but I thought this might put a little different spin on the story. My story isn’t hard-core, but more a romance of two people falling in love and getting a little kinky in the playroom.

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And my book isn't the only fantastic book to release today from Beachwalk Press. Check out Kaylie Newell's latest, Teaching Officer Lonesome. I devoured it this weekend!

A sexy cop with a broken heart is about to be taught a lesson.

Hope Marlow is a twenty-two-year-old seasoned vet when it comes to steamy one-night stands. Hope has had a hard life. From the wrong side of the tracks and abandoned by her mother, she finds herself trying to raise her little sister on a salary that barely pays the bills each month. She's tough, jaded, but when she's pulled over one sweltering summer afternoon for not using her turn signal, she meets her match in a sexually inexperienced cop twice her age.

The day Jack Malone stopped Hope is one he can't forget. It's more than the way she looked in the miniskirt and hot pink tank top, it's her confidence that keeps coming back to haunt him. But Jack is still reeling from his wife's death a year ago, and Hope represents things he thinks he can't have with a woman—passion and a new beginning. Plus, there's the fact that she's practically half his age.

Hope sees things differently. The age difference doesn't bother her, but while Jack craves an emotional connection, Hope has no interest in that. She's an expert at pushing her emotions aside, and she knows that if Jack would let her, she could teach him how fulfilling lust alone can be. With that in mind, she sets out to seduce the sexy cop.

It's only during their first night of passion that they both discover how much they've been missing.

Content Warning: contains sensual sex and some explicit language


  1. Congratulations Lacey and Kayleigh! Looking forward to these hot reads x x