Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Keeping Up!

Hi here Spicy friends! My post will probably be a bit of a muddled ramble as I'm just trying to keep up with everything right now...
I've been writing the prequel to my novel, A Clockwork Butterfly for a while (waaaay tooo long) but sometimes that's just the way it goes - sometimes 'the real world' need some attention too.
Writing a novel length book can sometimes be quite a lonely time where you feel like nothing's going on in your 'career'. That's why I usually try to break it up with submitting short stories here and there - just to keep in touch and not feel completely isolated.
Recently though, my big WIP has had to take second place to a few anthology releases... what's that phrase? - You wait hours on a bus then three come at once...
So I should really let you know about them!
The first is Smut By The Sea -  a glorious seaside anthology of saucy stories. MA Stacie and I are two Beachwalkers included. My tale, Una's Retreat - about a woman just wanting time out from her hectic life and finding a little romancing might be all the medicine she needs...
And then there's My First Threesome - a joyous anthology from Ravenous Romance celebrating - well, you guessed it...
There will be another in a couple of days Backstage Rider - and it will be free on Amazon - so keep an eye out for my announcements... ;)

Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely saucy day x x T

Smut by The Sea
Amazon UK


  1. Congrats Tabitha, you are having an exciting time! Bask in it and enjoy. :) I must say, I'm super interested in your threesome one. The cover is designed so beautifully. Please let me know when its out. :)

  2. Thanks ladies! Hey Lacey - click on the photo and it will take you right there x x x and looking forward to Bound By Pleasure! x

    1. Oh, ha ha! Darn head cold...can I blame that?