Friday, August 17, 2012

The Man, His Pants and the Plots He Spawns.

The Man, His Pants and the Plots He Spawns.

The man? David Beckham.

Years ago I was not interested in this man at all, and yet as time went on he aged, growing more and more attractive. Oh, and he got ink…I mean A LOT of ink and that’s where my infatuation went crazy.

Anyone who knows me knows of my love of tattoos. I have many, most of them large pieces, and plan of more. It’s my strange little hobby. So when it comes to men, I like them inked too. Beckham therefore gets my knickers in a real twist!

His pants? Well…take a look:

Now… the white ones? Well, if I saw them on the bedroom floor I’d be thoroughly unimpressed, but on this man they’re hot. I don’t know what it is. (Did I mention the ink?) He seems to turn whatever his touches into gold. Goddamned glistening gold!

The stories he’s spawned? Now, Mr. Beckham will have no idea he did this but one night I sat down, watching the Olympic Opening Ceremony and I saw this:

The smirk did me in. I melt. I swooned. I melted some more, but then BAM! The story started to evolve, all based around Mr. Beckham, his ink, his smirk and that boat. That’s all it took for my fingers to be worn to the bone as I typed like never before.

It just over two weeks ago that I saw him deliver the torch and in that time I’ve written a third of a full length novel.

Stay tuned for the outcome…

Mr. Beckham, I thank you!



  1. Definitely delicious inspiration, and glad it worked out so well for you.

    For me, Beckham's always been hot, but when he opens his mouth to speak I genuinely wish I was deaf.