Friday, August 24, 2012


Hi Cyberland and Spicy Babes:

I had a friend recently ask me where my ideas come from.  She said she wanted to write a book and was having trouble thinking of one thing to write about. She asked me if I had any special training to brainstorm.  My response was to chuckle.  In my crazy imagination a new story pops in about ever five minutes, however only a few of them are allowed to live and end up coming out of my fingers.  I find my ideas during random moments of thought. 

I really wish I could claim to have the secret formula for coming up with bestsellers (I'd write a book on this, and make a fortune).  I know a lot of very talented writers, and the majority of them are just like me...daydreamers.  I used to daydream a lot more than I do now.  It took me about six months after I started doing this authorship-thing as my second job, and working at it seven days a week, to realize my head wasn't as high up in the clouds all the time.  The reason--all my creative energy was being poured out on my keyboard each evening. 

Ultimately, I told my friend to make her daydreams a reality and start writing 500 words a day.  I told her to make it a daily ritual, even with she wasn't "inspired" and eventually she'd need no magical muse in time.  I hope she takes my advice, because I love books.  There's a statistic floating around saying 80 percent of Americans want to write a book.  I hope they all do because I want to read them.  Stop hogging those daydreams and start sharing.  A girl can never have too many books!


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  1. Great post Ashlynn! I think that's great advice - just write! Who cares if it's rubbish the first time - the good stories will come through! Now, I'm inspired, see you later x x