Monday, August 27, 2012

Vacationing in Cowboy Land

Let me just go ahead and say it—I tried my best to concentrate on writing this blog. With distractions everywhere, the attempt turned out to be tougher than I thought and well, this is gonna be short. Being on vacation takes away nearly all of my motivation…okay, it takes away all of it. Especially while sitting at a primitive campsite with electric generators humming and thousands of people on horseback or wagons riding by waving, giving a cowboy nod and greeting.

I’m at the National Chuckwagon Races in Clinton, Arkansas where every year, twenty thousand plus people gather to ride horses, watch the races, mingle with the masses, and have a good time at one of the largest equine events in the United States.

From our first visit seven years ago, the event quickly became a “time-out” from life for my husband and me. There is no clocking in and out from our jobs, no one expects us to be here or there by a certain time. The only thing it seems we have to do is wake up at some point and roll out of the horse trailer to a lawn chair and a cup of coffee.

My husband (a horseman since birth) enjoys shoeing horses and has set up shop across the dirt road from our camp, something he wants to do. I on the other hand, will be taking a nap soon. Have a great day people and thanks for reading!

Oh, I almost forgot! Check out the cover art for The First Night to be released December 17th.

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