Monday, July 23, 2012

E-books and prices.

I know I'm not the only one who think about e-book pricing. I'm sure many readers who have an ereader think about this and what their max is they will pay for the digital version of a book.

I am at this point, an e-book only author. My titles can only be bought digitally, minus one anthology that I am in. But it isn't just my print book, so I still consider myself an e-author.

Truthfully, I prefer my kindle. I can't remember the last time I read a paperback or hardback. I always use my kindle. And I have found I have started to only read e-authors like myself. There is an amazing talented bunch of authors out there who aren't on the New York Times list. However, there are a select few I am still fans of. And if I were to buy their latest, depending on the price, I'd buy digital.

Price...that's what I was getting too. What is your max for price of a digital version of a book? I have to be honest, mine is about 4.99 and it has to be a full-length at that price. If its a novella, it will stay on my to-be read list. Especially if its under 25,000 words. A 30,000 word novella, I might buy at 4.99. It will however have to be an author I know and love.

So, it makes me stop and think that as an author, if I have a price limit on books with their length, other authors and readers must also. If you see a 10,000 word story priced at 3.99, will you buy it? Or do you feel it should be around 1.99. Is there even a guide to pricing ebooks? I will say,  at Beachwalk Press, I think they have it down. :) They even have a little chart under customer service to help you when shopping.

I'd love your thoughts, your max amount, and how you feel about pricing.



  1. I agree with you. There are some Ebooks I just wont buy because they are over priced in my eyes!

  2. Hi ladies, I only recently started buying ebooks as in this year (only just got my reader)
    Having gone through the whole process with the publisher of writing/editing/proof-reading/cover design/marketing etc. etc. I have no problem spending money on ebooks - however, I am a very slow reader and my $4.99 will last me much longer than I assume yours would Ms Wolfe - I know you're a very fast reader!
    And I just noticed, yikes, that my book is over the $5 threshold!
    Very interesting post, Lacey - thanks!

    1. Don't worry Tabitha! I love you and your writing. I spent the money on yours. :)

  3. If a book is recommended to me by someone who I trust, I'll happily buy it whatever the cost (within reason). Still, if I see a book I like the sound of, I'll buy that too, regardless of the price. Hmm, now I know why my salary falls short month to month ;)

    Tabitha, I'd have paid way more for yours! It's worth well more than a fiver! Hurry up and write the prequel :P

    Honestly, the only thing that would put me off spending over $4 on an Ebook is bad reviews from someone I know. Not the price.

    1. Lol...I go way over my book budget a month too. :)

  4. If it is a full length novel I am willing to pay up to 4.99, but I will buy multiple if 1.99 range. I also take advantage of bundles if available.

    Great post.

  5. Thanks for raising this subject Lacey... and your lovely comments Ms Wolfe and Ms Duffy *blush* - Interesting idea re the bundles, Thanks Em - I'll check it out x