Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Books, blogs, relaxation

It's so hard to keep on top of things sometimes - (oo, if you rearrange that sentence, it could be from one of my stories...)
I'm currently promoting A Clockwork Butterfly - my futuristic erotic romance - I'm doing a tour where you can win a copy so check out my blog to see the dates if you fancy doing that ;)
And the paperback will be coming out in November - so I still have to check over the files - just when I found a spare second to do that - another story came back with an urgent deadline...
I do love flying by the seat of my pants - thank goodness!

But I'm just wondering - how to people fit everything in? I'm sure my workload must appear minimal to many of my fellow writers but I am swamped! Oh dear, that reminds me, 2 story deadlines next week...

So with all this in mind - I've been thinking about holidays - how many of you truly relax on vacation? Does it take a while before you finally unwind enough to feel that you are 'away form it all'? - Like the day before you're due to come home again!
How about we all just stop for a month in the summer? 
What do you do to relax? (apart from snuggling up with a good Beachwalk Book ;D )

See you soon -

T x x


  1. Vacation? Most likely that would be when a plot bunny would strike.

  2. I have no suggestions, sorry dear. I'm familiar with the 'not enough hours in the day' stress and really wish I could find a lamp with a big blue guy to give me three wishes. 1st more time. 2nd good health and happiness to everyone I know. 3rd Ian Somerhauld (okay, so I'm a little selfish);)

    Seriously, what writer has holidays? My minds always buzzing with chit chat. If anyone knows how to shut the voices up for a week I'll give away my wishes :D


  3. I enjoy lounging by my pool & soaking up the sun to relax along with a good book. A nice warm, fragrant bubble bath runs a close second!