Friday, July 27, 2012

Life is like a box of Chocolates...or something like that?

Some days a girl just can't win.  I've been feeling like a winner in life lately, but then something happens that reminds us that life is random and unexpected. At the beginning of July, a co-worker died unexpectedly, and it made me realize just how lucky we are simply waking up in the morning.  I've been riding the rollercoaster of "published author" for the last two years without thinking about much except the next book release, and current work-in-progress.  This random death in my small world made me think about what was important.  People are important.  I realized I don't thank people nearly enough for the little things. I'm on a mission to say thank you to people at least three times a day everyday for the simple acts of goodness.  I challenge you to do the same. I've been thanking my kids for picking up or actually hitting the hamper vs. missing it completely.  I've noticed they are doing more good things in response.  I made a point to go to the mailbox when the postman arrived and handed him a small bag of cookies.  "Thanks for always having my mail here at the same time everyday," I said.  He looked confused and shrugged before driving away.  I sent flowers to a friend with just the words "thank you".  She called and asked what she did and I told her she put up with me.  People are so surprised when we truly appreciate them. 

I want to thank my peeps here!  You Beach Babes mean so much to me.  I feel as if you're right down the street instead of across the country.  You're so warm and real that when I'm checking facebook while I drink my coffee I might as well be having coffee with the lot of you around my kitchen table.  Thank you for making my world a little less lonely while I'm on this journey of authorship.  No one "gets" me like you guys do!  **Hugs**


  1. Fabulous post Ashlynn - Thank YOU x x x

  2. Brilliant post! It's amazing how many people we forget to tell how much we appreciate. Thank YOU deary xxx