Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Yikes, give me more hours!

Good morning/ afternoon/ evening!

Because it's gone that fast... I was just setting down to write this blog and six other things jostled their way into my attention... so, this will be a scattered version of what I wanted to write (which escapes me right now...)

Many years ago, I used to go to a lovely old gentleman's house for some drawing classes - mainly cartoons and pen and inks - well, one day, he tentatively asked me if I liked erotica - "Hell yeah!" I replied and so we started drawing erotic inspired pictures together.

Catalogue ladies!
Kinky boots

So just the other day I was having a massive clear out and came across some of the work I did at his house. Here are a couple of examples - I'll post more on my own site later.

So thank you for reading this somewhat dis-jointed blog... I'd better go finish those edits, get on with that submission, do my book trailer, get some cards printed - good grief - where's the coffee...?

Love T x x


  1. Amazing pics Tabitha!

    You've got so much going on right now, how about turning the coffee Irish? Might help ;o)


  2. Thanks Aimee - a wee Baileys wouldn't go amiss - great advice x x

  3. So sexy. I wish I could draw like that. You should draw your covers!