Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summer Has Arrived

Summer is my favorite time of year! 

I'm amazed at how beautiful the weather has been here in Buffalo! We've even opened our pool  already, although the water is freezing my girls still go it and come out with blue lips. I love the warmth of summer but hate the sun! I'm extremely fair skinned so I burn and peel.

  I can't believe tomorrow is June 1st already, the year is half over and the school year is coming to an end. Which means my oldest will be home and my writing time will be cut in half.

This is my first summer being an author, I guess I'm going to have to figure it out how to find the balance between kids and writing  as I go.

 If you have any advice for me or tips please leave a comment!

I will leave you with the link to one steamy FREE read by some of the Beachwalk Press Authors

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Waves of Change by Ella Jade
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Waves of Desire by Tamaria Soana
After four years of marriage, Brenda can feel everything she and Blake once had slowly slipping away. After a long conversation they decide to take some time to reconnect and book a mini-vacation at a beach resort. Will their time at the beach bring back the waves of desire they once felt for one another?

An Unplanned Rendezvous by Theresa Stillwagon
While on vacation at the beach with her best friend, Annie unexpectedly runs into Luke, a man from her past that she never wanted to see again. He looks way too good for her peace of mind, and his arrival brings up old feelings she’s spent years trying to forget. She wants nothing to do with him, but this time he’s not giving her the chance to run away. Three years ago Annie made the biggest mistake of her life. Is history about to repeat itself?

Forget Me Not by Lacey Wolfe
After being stood up yet again, Jenny decides to give up on trying to find love. But just as she swears off men, her high school sweetheart returns from his tour of duty and he wants to see her. Eight years ago Nick left without a word, breaking Jenny’s heart. Can she find it in her to forgive him?
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See you in two weeks!


  1. Summer's my favourite time too, though its not as hot here as I'd like. If I had a pool in my garden, it would spend three quarters of the year frozen.

    Glad you're having good weather there. No idea how to balance writing and kids, I'm in awe of mothers who manage it. I've got two jobs and its hard enough to get writing done. If I had children, I wouldn't manage to write at all!


    1. It's unusually hot here in Buffalo. I think we are in for a hot summer. I don't know how to juggle writing and kids myself, I guess I'll get a crash course soon!

  2. Wow, i didnt know its ur first summer as a published author!! Congrats! You and I are in the same boat, except school getting out means my writing time will skyrocket. :-) I am in awe of the moms that find time to write. you guys are incredible.

    1. Thanks! Obsession was my debut novella. I did have a short story published in the Love, Again anthology before Obsession was released.

      I have a book coming out each month from June to September, so starting in July I'll be on constant tour into October!