Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sleeping on the job

Well, I've been thinking this week about how much time I spend asleep. A lot. I always wanted to be one of those genius types who only need maybe 3 or 4 hours tops before their brains and bodies get back into gear and are off again, inventing, creating, building, winning...

But for me, I will be forever in that zone of pure indulgent REM tastic sleepery. I've always loved the fact that I find it easy to fall asleep and that I'm very lucky that my dreaming life is full, satisfying and adventurous. Recently though, it has become very boring to have to go to sleep every single night... Every night, the same thing! I could be writing or inventing, dancing or decorating but instead I'm asleep.

I used to think how romantic it would be to be an insomniac. Not the cloying desperate nightmare exhaustion type of insomnia, just the happy bubbly full of creativity that you just must do it before you can get some shut eye... don't think it really exists. I do get times where I can't get to sleep at all, and it is horrific, but I wouldn't be so flippant as to call that insomnia.

No, I must have a good solid eight hours of horizontal zedds every night. What a waste of time!

So, if you're ever wondering where I am - it's a pretty safe bet that I will be in bed fast asleep...

Till next week,

zzzzzzzz Tabitha x x x


  1. I like my sleep at night. I am early to bed. I often wish though that I could sleep during the day. But my mind runs crazy that if I attempt to nap, my thoughts remind me of everything I should be doing. Can you give me some tips on how to nap? I often feel like I could use one.

    1. Hey Lacey - I'm the same - I can't nap - I'd feel so guilty! Sometimes I stare off into space while trying to fix plot problems... those could be mistaken for naps x x x

  2. Well, Tabitha, all I can say is if you are getting eight solid hours of sleep, you are lucky! I'm in bed for eight hours, but I rarely sleep more than an hour at a time before my eyes pop open again. Most of the time I can turn over and fall back to sleep, but sometimes my brain takes off and I am awake for hours at a time. I think it must be getting older that does this. Ah for the days when six solid hours was all I needed. Sigh. Yawn.