Monday, February 6, 2012


Promotion has been on my mind a lot lately. As I'm sure it is for many authors. One reason its been on mine is because I have not one but two releases this month. The first is a short story in a V-day anthology and the other is the second book in my Hot Bods series, More Than Useful. And one things I learned from my last release, you have to take promotion seriously. Which I did with my very first book, Amber's Muse and not so much with Fool Me Once. And I want to be honest about that. I thought since I had success with Amber's Muse right off the bat, that would follow with Fool Me Once. I didn't set up the blog exposure like I did the first time. To be frank, I thought I would announce it was released and it would be bought. And I had a very early wake-up call from that. That is not how it works at all and I won't be making that mistake this go round.

I have appearances lined up for almost 3 weeks straight for each release. I've been reading up on tips for good advertising and things that just don't work. So I will be testing those with these two releases and I am really hoping for a good turn out. I know now I can't sit back and think people are going to buy my book just because. That with each and every book I am going to have to put my all into it. And I'm ready... I think.

So as the count down starts for releases, I'm going to be busy writing blog posts and even thinking of something fun to do on my blog to celebrate. Oh and finish my current work-in-progress. A BDSM story...definitely stepping out of my box with this one.

See ya next Monday!


  1. Lacey you're SO busy! I'm finding marketing one big carazy puzzle right now... do I do this tour? or that hop? Just started reading Amber's Muse at last and loving it! Good luck with everything x x

    1. Marketing is tough. I hope you enjoy Amber's Muse. And yes, I keep myself too busy I think. But I get lonely while the kids are at school all day, so my characters keep my company.

  2. Lacey, you are going to be a marketing pro. Hope you will share what works for you and what doesn't. Good luck out there.