Monday, January 9, 2012

The story that took over

Its Monday. Typically I like Mondays. It means the kids are loaded up and sent to school and I get quiet time to work. However its rainy here today, my back has been hurting since Thursday, and the date tells me the deadline I gave myself to have Accidental Love (Hot Bods #3) finished is right around the corner. Thankfully I think I am in the home stretch.

Accidental Love has taken itself on its own path and was kind enough to invite me along. I know that sounds a little crazy. When I started this, I had planned for it to be as long as the first two books. That was the series stayed consistent in length. But these two characters are doing their own thing and I think it will be just a little longer. Actually to be honest on Thursday it looked it like would be a lot longer. So I had to sit back and look at how to get this thing rolling to be finished. I took a shower. Lol...the shower is one of my favorite places to brainstorm. Typically no one bothers you and you can stand in the warm water and think. So, it came to me on what to do.

To be honest, I don't think I will hit my deadline. I'm not quite close enough to the end of the story yet to feel confidant, but it won't be to long after.

So even though its raining and this heating pad feels heavenly on my back, I suppose I need to open up my word document, ignore facebook/twitter, and get to work!

Happy Monday! I hope you find the motivation that you need today.

See ya next week!

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  1. I hear ya Lacey! My novel took a sudden and unexpected twist just when I thought I was finished... pesky characters! Good luck with it all x x