Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Shiny New Things

Hello there everyone,

I have been having quite a year already - only 10 days in! I am excited to announce that I have signed another contract with the fabulous Beachwalk Press for my new novel, A Clockwork Butterfly. I finished it just before Christmas and while it didn't take long to write, I had been working it out in my head since last February. That seems to be how stories form for me. Ideas need time to brew and bubble before I can put pen to paper - or fingers to keys.

Like Lacey was saying yesterday - you can think you're almost done with a story and wham, a plot twist comes along and you need to sort it out... so a story can become a novella, then novella becomes a novel, then before you know it - you're thinking about a sequel (perhaps...)

That reminds me, I used to write everything out in longhand with a fountain pen and paper - then type it up... wow, it took time. Those were the days of two fingered typing too - can you imagine?

Oh, Santa didn't get me that ebook reader, so I'm having to snuggle up with Big Bertha, my beloved (gigantic, noisy) laptop and read all the amazing ebooks I'd been saving. Poor Bertha can get very hot and her fan very loud, so I will sit her on a cushion and get my earmuffs on.

Maybe doesn't help that all the books are naughty ones!

Anyhoo, time to go and write... now where's that fountain pen?

Love Tabitha x x x


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  2. I bought my won new shiney ereader and the cheap one too! lol. :) Enjoy your books on Big Bertha. :) Can't wait to read your newest.