Friday, January 13, 2012

It's a May/December Thing

The last book I wrote (Macy’s Awakening) and the one I’m currently writing (Delsy’s Chance) are interracial erotic romances. They are also May/December stories, meaning there is an age gap between the hero and heroine. In the case of both these books, it is the hero who is older.

There is a readership for both types of stories, but combining them sometimes backfires. Readers who like the IR romance niche don’t necessarily like it when the hero is so much older than his lady love. I’ve had several negative comments in reader reviews about this very issue. So in my current WIP, I’ve closed up the age gap quite a bit and I hopefully will not offend as many people. Being offensive is not good for book sales. (Though Macy’s Awakening was on the Amazon bestseller lists for over three weeks.)

Why is the May/December theme so appealing to me? It gives me a chance to explore the dynamic between a sexually experienced hero and a naïve heroine, a combination I personally find fascinating — and hot. Even more important, I love the idea of the heroine’s naiveté infusing the older, jaded hero with fresh joy for life. Each character has an important gift to bestow on the other.

You only have to look as far as Jane Eyre and Rebecca for my models. I grew up reading those classic Gothic romances and loving them. Always the waif of a governess is drawn into a situation where the brooding and broken master of the estate has just about given up on life. I adore telling his side of the story; I adore rescuing him from his grief and decline with the power of love. And I delight in telling the innocent heroine’s sexual deflowerment — her awakening — in all the lovely detail that I had to only imagine Jane and Rebecca going through. OMG. What could be hotter?

As long as my heroine is legal age, and the hero is sensitive (but so powerfully masculine!!) why would anyone object?

Readers: Please share your thoughts about this timeless theme. What bothers you and what turns you on about May/December stories?


  1. My current wip is a May/December. :)

  2. I have always loved older men (as in a decade or two older, not just a couple of years). They just do it for me so much more than guys my age or younger. They're more interesting, experienced, and so much more of a turn-on. Hooray for May/December relationships!

  3. Thanks Scarlett. My feelings exactly! I knew I was on to something.

  4. Lacey that's cool you're writing an M/D too. Can't wait to read it.

  5. I love to read an Older man /younger woman story. I think older man our hot as hell. I also like a large age gap.

    Lately, have read some 'cougar' stories older woman/younger man as those I'm finding hot also.

    As long as the younger on in the pair is legal, I'm game!

  6. In almost every one of my books, my hero is older than his lady. Older men appeal to me. My own husband is almost 10 years older than me so I guess I've always had a thing for the more mature male.

    I too like to explore the idea of a more experienced hero in my stories.

    I did try something a little different in my upcoming release Passion's Pain. My lead character starts out in a relationship with a much older man, but through the course of the book she finds she has feelings for his son who is closer to her own age. So, we'll see how that goes. lol

    Great Post!

  7. Thanks for your comments, ladies. Sounds like we are all in agreement that an age gap makes for an interesting pairing. Ella, your latest sounds intriguing. Will have to check it out.