Monday, January 16, 2012



As a writer do you always feel like the lion behind your writing, or do you sometimes feel like that young innocent kitten?

Recently, I've been feeling like that kitten. I've been looking at my writing and thinking about how I can improve. Lately as I've been writing, I have been trying to get more into character. To really describe how its feels. Instead of just saying my heroine is nervous and slightly say why, but to really pack in how she might be feeling.

I've been reading a lot too. Each time I sit down with my kindle I am looking at the way an author describes something and words they might have used. And I've even made some notes. I want to make sure my writing is the best it can be and not slacking in anyway. With each story I write I can see myself coming along then when I first started this jourmey.

Another thing that can take you from being a lion back to that kitten is sales rank. Seriously, those things are evil. My new years resolution was to not look at it anymore. But whenever I'm a guest on a blog I always check it at the end of the day. And after I put everything into that guest post and I don't see my number budge, well it sucks. And that lion feeling from my awesome posts just shrivels.

Many time I will hit Ella Jade up on chat and she's always there to remind me, it doesn't matter. We aren't writing for our sales rank, we are writing for our readers. And she's right.

So, as I grow from this young kitty into my lion self again, I'll keep that in mind. I have much more learning and growth to do, but I think this is something that never ends. If you ever get too over confidant and no longer learning, then I think that just means you have a big head. LOL.

Happy Monday. Take your inner lion out this week and roar!

See ya next Monday,


  1. Great post! I currently don't have any sales to look at, but with each new story idea I strive to strengthen my writing.

    I too am just a meek kitten, I hope one day when I look at my reflection I see a confident lion looking back at me.

  2. I often think of Dory from Finding Nemo..."just keep swimming..." So, my advice is just keep writing.

    You'll be fine:)

  3. Ella,

    I love Dory. She never gave up!

  4. Oh what a great post, Lacey - I am the biggest doubter of myself in the world - I really hate it about me - however, now I can call it my kitten me, maybe I can embrace it and bring out the fierceness. As for sales... harrumph! But as writers, we can't help writing - and no bad/great reviews or sales can change that!
    It's amazing when you really start studying your craft what you can find and improve - I'm editing a piece I wrote only a few months ago - and I'm seeing all sorts in there! x x x x

  5. I've been writing for over twenty years, and I'm still learning. I can see improvement in every word I write now, but I still feel like a kitty sometimes when I get a bad review or check my sales. I usually don't do check. But I'm a lion again when I read something I wrote and I laughed out loud or get teary eyed. I love writing.