Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What a Morning!

Well, I'm afraid the well thought out, charming witty blog I had intended to write for you has vanished from my brain...

Spooky as my morning stairs
I have had a very odd morning which started with the cat doing a whoopsie on the mat (check out the internal rhyme - I will be a poet yet), then trying to get the household to everywhere they need to be, when the car became possessed by a demon which caused it to chirrup like a crazy blackbird and its windows to go up and down all by themselves...

Then, strange music permeated from the bedroom - odd tuneless, spooky music - then I realised, the kittens who have been terrorising the Christmas tree, were walking up and down the piano.

So all in all, a strange sort of start to the day. Now I have to go and tame the end of my novel, which also developed an unruly side yesterday and went off on a tangent all of its own making.

Phew! Have a great day,

Tabitha x


  1. Oh my Tabitha! THose are some crazy little kittens. Our last kitten who is are princess, we often had to use time-out for. She had NO manners what so ever so when we ate or anything, we had to close her up in the bedroom for some piece. However, I think puppies are worse. I have a 11 month lab and have had her since 8 weeks. Waiting for it to still get better. lol

    Good luck on the story. Just whip those pesty characters!

  2. Good Lord, those were spooky things. Would have scared the heck out of me.