Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Tiny Update

So, I'm finally writing the second Winter Creek book, The Dressmaker's Dilemma.
I'm close to 60,000 words, and closing in on the end of it.
Moving, starting a new editing job with another publisher, and lack of sleep tend to stop a person from getting things done she needs to do. I also had to change the time of day I write. I do most of it at night now, when my husband's working, and a little bit more when he's sleeping.
The ending is in sight. I can see the scene clearly in my mind. Unfortunately, the two or three scenes left to write before I get to the ending aren't as clear to me.
Oh, well.
At least Wyatt and Barb are happy now. (Raised eyebrow.) 
Now maybe he'll quite yelling at me.
Hope everyone is having a good week.


  1. So glad to hear you're getting close to the end! Looking forward to reading it.

  2. Great news Theresa, well done.
    I'm on my last scene too - just about to tip into 60k. Should have been done today but the storms stopped it all! Good luck x