Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sexy Writing 101

I do this little writing exercise where I search for pretty pics (of the erotic nature) and write a drabble based on the image. Sometimes it's no more than 1,000 words, but I find this helps me when I need to write in the male POV or I'm trying to work out a steamy scene.  Many times, the story I come up with based on the picture helps me develop a full blown novel or even a piece that could potentially be submitted into an anthology. Most of these little sizzlers end up in my books in some form or another.
Here are a few pictures I've used to  motivate me and inspire some of my recent work.
WARNING - Pictures are of the Spicy nature.
This one helped me come up with a story I recently submitted for a Valentine's Day Anthology. (I'm currently waiting to hear back from the publisher)

This next one double inspired me. The idea for the back story I wrote ended up being the premise for Passion's Pain (A book I'm waiting to hear about from a publisher).

 While the picture provoked the book Passion's Pain, I didn't use the actual drabble I wrote to go with the image in the book. A variation of that steamy tub scene did end up in my new book Crossfire of Love (which I'm currently waiting to hear back about, lol.) 

This next picture helped me create a sexy interlude I haven't used anywhere yet, but its hanging out in reserve, just waiting for me to use it.

From time to time, I've been known to post my sexy drabbles on my blog. Keep an eye out and you may find one pop up. Have I inspired a racy love scene out of you today?  Give it a try, you never know what you'll come up with or where you might use it.

Have a great day!


***All pictures were found in the public domain. No copyright infringement intended.


  1. Oh these images are just sumptuous! I will certainly be taking another look - good luck with the call-u-backs x x

  2. What away to wake up! Great post. I will have to try this ;l)! As always I love this blog and you wonderful ladies keep laughing and inspired!

  3. Awesome idea! I should try this. maybe next time I have my wine.

  4. Thanks Ladies. This was a writing exercise I learned from another blog. They would post the picture and ask authors to write a quick story based on the image. I still use this writing tool today:)

  5. You are a busy woman! Great pics ;)

  6. Too busy, Pamela. lol I've taken the month of December off but that's backfiring because now all I do is obsess about the stories I could be writing. I have a feeling my little vacay isn't going to last long;)

  7. Uh-uh Ella! I'm in charge that you don't! :) Just like when I start my break before long.

  8. lol...I knew you would keep me in line, Lacey;)

  9. Whoa! Ella. Thanks for the eye candy and a great writing technique for getting unstuck. I will give it a try!

  10. It really helps me, Pepper. It also allows me to get out some ideas when I'm not ready to put together a whole new story.