Tuesday, December 13, 2011


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So, to endings - I'm talking stories, books and conversations - which is the hardest to finish? From a writer's point of view, I find endings exciting and if it is going well, I can't wait to get to it. If I'm a reader - it depends on how in love with the book I am. I may have to slow down and tease myself if I'm really involved - I need time to be able to let characters go - then I need grieving space afterwards... is that ridiculous?? The thing with writing is you know you'll be revisiting with edits and changes so it's not so abrupt - and you've probably been living with the plot and people for ages and are quite happy to release them form you head!

***I'm stopping here quickly to refresh your visual memory of Ella's gorgeous pics blog and Lacey's very recent Man candy... worthy of another look, don't you think?

Now, if you're still with me or have returned from those photos (thanks - didn't think I'd get anyone back!) - to the third kind of endings - conversations. 

Now, I used to be a fantastic conversationalist - phone calls, coffees, visits, you name it, I was Ms Chat.That however, was before children. Now, I still have the skills to start conversations, but that's all. There are about four billion conversations I have started with my girlfriends which either my kids, their kids, or life in general (including tasty blog pics) have interrupted. Now I have developed a propensity for distraction so big, that I am truly amazed when I stick out a piece of writing until the bitter end.

I finished my  novel last week and now have to start on draft two - I will lock myself in my shed with no internet, phone or anything else, and GET IT DONE!

So what about these conversations all hanging with nowhere to go, like little chat orphans? 

Well, my ladies and I have come up with a plan. Seeing that women, sadly, usually outlive men, we have decided that when we are all in the same boat, we will buy a beach house and sit sipping margaritas all day finishing those long lost conversations.

Who's in? 

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Tabitha x xx 


  1. Good luck on round two! You are right, we are lucky we get to revisit our stories one after another with edits. And be sure to hide the phone. Two weeks ago when I set out to finish something, each time I sat down at my desk...the phone rang and of course it was a family member that you just can't ignore.

    I'll see you at the beach house!

  2. Ah, Lacey - you made it past the referral back to your pictures! Well done, lass - and that beach house is getting better with every new lady x x

  3. Tabitha, I LOVE this idea! I am definitely in if you're on the west coast.