Monday, December 12, 2011

Man Candy!!! Come on and feast!

Happy Monday! Ella Jade and I are one week away from our new releases, Embracing The Unexpected, Ella's first M/M romance and Fool Me Once, an erotic contemporary romance which kicks off my Hot Bods series. Be sure to head over to the Beachwalk Yahoo Group for our release party next Monday! Giveaways!

So, in light of our new releases, I decided to get you guys ready for some hot romances. Oh, and its Monday and I see lots of blogs doing this, MAN CANDY MONDAY!!!

Enjoy :)

Up first is this guy. 

Next, a reader. :)

Oooo, and a man with a baby attached!

And finally, wonder where his hands going.

Happy Monday! Be sure to join the Beachwalk Yahoo group for lots of giveaways Monday!

See ya next Monday,


  1. Well, HAPPY MONDAY!!!! What a way to kick off the week!!!

    Can I have this every Monday???

    I will be at the release party!!!!

  2. Um, yum... you've inspired me this Monday!

  3. Oh my stars! How lovely - *fanning myself* Really looking forward to the party ladies x x

  4. Okay, Lacey, I may be weird, the man with the baby got to me. Nothing sexier than a wonderful daddy. But the rest of the guys were pretty too. Thanks for posting.