Tuesday, November 15, 2011

VPL Revival!

Ok Ladies,

I'm calling for a revival. In my opinion, pants (knickers, panties) have got way too small. I am an advocate of the enormous panty. Remember your mum in her younger days, getting ready to go out in her tight jeans that you'd just helped her pull up with a coat hanger looped through the zipper? Ahh, them were the days. You'd drag her to standing on the third attempt in her huge wedge heels and she'd ask, "How do I look?". Brilliant! And when she turned around to show off her look, you could see her massive knickers underneath - she was the proud owner of a VPL.

I remember thinking, how grown up to have a VPL - how very sophisticated. So imagine my disappointment when I got bigger, pants got smaller and smaller and smaller until they are merely a string and a prayer. In the good old days, if there was no line to show where your panties bisected your bum cheek, it meant you weren't wearing any knickers! (How fabulous - and naughty!)

That's why I love stockings and suspenders - there's no hiding them if you have on a tight skirt. All my heroines have a panty line - at least that's how I imagine them.

So ladies, who's with me? Not only is it sexy, IT'S COMFY!! And let's face it, a comfortable knicker, makes a happy lady.

Rant over, see you next week,

Tabitha x x x


  1. Oh, you have me cracking up! I just recently bought some big panties. I was so tired of wearing sexy things all the time. Its been ten years, the hubs can deal with some cotton undies.

  2. Oh you won't regret it, Lacey, I promise! big pant wearers unite! x

  3. OMG... I'm dying! * whispers* don't tell anyone but I'm with you on the comfy panties.

    Should we have a thong burning party?

  4. Shhh, don't tell anyone, but I gave up my thong quite some time ago. I'm all about comfy now. Good to know I'm not the only one.

  5. OMG - Tamaria I guess you and I are in synch on this one. Let me know where the party is and I will bring my thongs and the matches.

  6. We can have a National Thong Burning Day... do you think that will float. I'll email my congresswoman!

  7. Yes! I knew it! This is awesome, let's make it an International Thong Burning Day and release the women of the world x x x

  8. My husband calls them granny panties. I say, good. I'm old enough to be a granny, so I'm allowed to wear them.
    Finally allowed to be comfortable.
    I'm with you on the International Thong Burning Day.

  9. LOL at "a string and a prayer"

  10. A-ha, you know you've made the error of thinking skimpy equals uncomfortable, don't you? Rather than looking at the design.
    Nothing can beat the comfort of a simple cotton string. I would never wear any of those *shudder* thick elastic thongs. Nor granny knickers which rise up the crack.
    In fact, I shall probably have to write a blog post to contest this.

  11. LOVE this post! Wrote a story about comfy cotton granny panties once and all the fun things you can do with them ... besides be very comfy, of course :-)