Thursday, November 17, 2011


Gotta a call from the lady who works with the apartment manager today.
 "You're looking for a bed, right?"
"I just checked on Craigslist," she said. "This lady has a queen mattress and box spring for free."
"She only posted it 45 minutes ago." She hesitated for a moment. "Do you want the number?"
Of course I wanted the number. I called right away and she told me someone promised to show up at three to pick it up, but they never showed up. I told her we just moved from an RV into an apartment and we really need a bed.
A mattress and box spring will do.
She had to leave for an appointment or something, so she told me to call her back around five.
At five I called her back and left a message.
She wasn't home yet.
About twenty after five, I called her again.
I'd waited to long.
She already had someone coming to get it.
Oh, well.
Today wasn't all bad. The manager of the apartment complex sold us a love seat and table for almost nothing, and last week she gave us four chairs. Seems their remodeling the fitness center here at the complex, and they wanted to get rid of the chairs.
One of them -- a rocker -- is the only thing in the bedroom so far.
Sure hope I find a job soon.


  1. Oops, Ella, I stole your day. Sorry.
    What can I say? I suffer from Old Timers. :)

  2. I love rockers. I find them sooo relaxing and calming.

    I feel for you having to furnish an entire apartment at once. Furniture is so expensive. Hope you're able to pick up some affordable stuff quickly.