Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Good Kind of Busy...I think

Happy Thursday!

Remember when we discussed plot bunnies a few weeks ago?  I said they were EVIL! I'm sticking to it. I've been feverishly typing away at my latest WIP, Crossfire of Love. I gave myself a self-imposed deadline of December 1 to get that one wrapped up. What was I thinking? It wasn't that I couldn't get the words out fast enough, No, that definitely wasn't the problem, especially since the whole second half off the book hit me like a ton of bricks two days ago. I was like, "Oh, so that's where you wanted me to take you!"

Great!  So, I start typing. Even took my netbook to the hairdressers with me yesterday morning. I like to make myself useful while the dye is sitting on my head for forty minutes. Don't laugh...I wrote 1,000 words in that time. The clock is ticking away...I can hear it every time my fingers pound the keys. I jump up and down each time I plug the word count into my word meter and watch as the little bar progresses. I'm going, I'm going...the characters are talking, they're creatively sexing it up and my plot is making  my own heart rate increase and I know what's going to happen!  I'm so obsessed with telling the story. The house is dirty, laundry is piling up but I know where I'm heading next in the book.


Oh, wait. Is it the week before Thanksgiving? Am I hosting twenty guests for dinner? Okay, no problem. I can still get it together and find time to listen to my characters. That's what I do.


Um, yes, I do substitute at my son's school occasionally. And, guess who the music teacher requested this week to fill in for her? Right...I'll get it done. I can jot down dialogue during prep periods and lunch.


I got a present in my in-box. Line edits for Embracing the Unexpected.  They take priority and gladly! One book at a time;)

So, I'll get through my edits, host Thanksgiving dinner and do all the other RL issues that pop up. It's all good. It gives me time to allow all the other stories dying to be told, characters to be created and plot twists galore to work themselves out in my head. I have a feeling 2012 is going to be a really productive year!



  1. Oh dear, I think I was going to have a panic attach with you!

    I had one myself when I realized the kids are home all next week. I'm a day writing! yikes.

  2. Wow, Ella. I need to get some of whatever juice you are drinking, lady. You are on fire!

  3. Good Lord, I’m tired just reading that, lol. Twenty guests for Thanksgiving dinner? You are one brave woman!

  4. Yes! I always have forty things running around in my head at once. It might be a curse;)

    20 guests! I come from a big Itailian lot. We eat all day. They'll be here in about two hours and I'm not even showered. Guess I better get off this computer!

    Happy Thanksgiving!