Monday, November 14, 2011

Do we do what we read and write?

**This post is adult related**

Friday Pepper Anthony wrote a post HERE that has been in my head since. She touched base on things in romance books that are often over looked, such as that morning kiss. The hero/heroines love getting down and dirty in the mornings with tons of kissing. And Pepper pointed out MORNING BREATH! Thanks Pepper, I may never read a romance the same. :)

So, then I got to thinking about the types of romances that we read or write. Is that an insight into our lives? Some erotica's can get pretty down and dirty with whips and chains and spanking- oh my! Does that mean after I finish one of Ella Jade's lastest BDSM's that I have made my hubby become my master? Um, no? Have I found a genre to read that I never knew I'd like? Yes. Its fantasy. Especially because I have no idea how someone can hold off on the big "O" and only do that when they're told too.

Which also brings me to another point. Many of my friends after reading Amber's Muse, thought I had written about things my husband and I had been doing. First off, this wasn't a memoir and second, he would kill me. There was a scene in Amber's Muse that took place at a couch. I got tons of message on facebook "That couch scene was hot! You've done that, huh?" Yes, that couch scene was hot, but purely made up in my imagination.

So, to answer my own question based on me. Do we do what we read and write? My guess is going to be no. I think we read our fantasies and maybe take ideas from it. As a writer, I don't often plan those intimate scenes, I go with what feels right at the moment for the hero/heroine. Reading and writing is a way for us to learn some of our desires.

Thanks for stopping by. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. What do you mean? I haven't inspired you to have your hubs tie you to the bed? lol Just kidding!

    Great post! Some of my friends who read my work think I write my sexy scenes from experience. Trust me... there aren't enough hours in my day to have that much experience. I'd never get any writing done;)

  2. You too have me laughing so hard this morning. I have done nothing in the sex department like the scenes I have written. I just have a very over active imagination.

    I know I was wonder about the morning breath and the shower sex scenes. Does anyone really have crazy monkey sex in the shower?

  3. ha ha Tamaria! If only showers scenes worked like they do in books and movies!

  4. That's the thing isn't it? People think YOU'VE DONE IT ALL!!! I wrote a scene about shoplifting and read it to my writing group - you can imagine what the comments were - and yes, I had made it up! Great post gals x

  5. I'm with you on the "no". I read (and enjoy reading) about a whole lot of stuff I've never done in real life. It always surprises me when people think that if an author’s written it, they’ve done it.