Friday, November 11, 2011

"Real" Love?

Today I decided I would write about one of my big bugaboos: hygiene in romance stories. I just want to go on record about a couple of things. Then I’ll shut up about it and you won’t ever hear me mention it again.

Bathing: Historicals that incorporate romps in a hot springs or stops at rivers to bathe every couple of days get my vote. Even a sponge bath, please. Historicals where folks hop in the sack after weeks on the trail do not get my vote, particularly where oral sex is involved. Sometimes I wonder how we all managed to procreate before bathing was routine.

Morning Kisses: How do we do this without gagging? I’m sorry. I love my hubby, but deep kisses first thing in the morning are not conducive to romance. Yet we see that time after time in movies, on TV and in romance books. This does not get my vote.

Yes, I know romances are fantasy. Apparently some readers can just imagine minty fresh breath upon awakening. Not me. Reading about a morning kiss is a sure turn-off. Takes me right out of the story.

What about you? I've talked with others before and found opinions divided about 50/50. Curious how readers of this blog feel about the topic.

Now I’ve said my piece. ‘Nuff said.

- Pepper
"Let's read something spicy!”


  1. if my husb. kiss me that way in the morning i will say ok baby i'm in!!!!!

  2. lol to the Anon comment!

    But, I'm with you on the bathing, Pepper! I'm grossed out pretty easily. So, I like to write in the occassional hygiene.

  3. I think this is along those lines, but newer historicals that make the man all gushy and devoted to the woman turn me off. Authors from the 80's and 90's seemed to do it right. The men were busy, didn't want to be bothered by the woman, yet still chased them. If I read a historical where the man yells a lot, I like it. I personally don't like to be yelled at, so it isn't like some weird fetish or anything, but I assume you get my drift.

    Oh an another thing, which I recently did in one of my stories, so I really don't have room to talk, but the woman or man tasting their own "juices". Yuck, sorry. Maybe its me, but....

    Great topic Pepper! There is NO morning kissing going on here. :)

  4. I see we already have some different opinions. Isn't variety nice? Anyone remember Dr. Ruth, the feisty little German sex doctor? She said people should get up and brush their teeth and freshen up before going back to bed together. That always made sense to me. Keep those comments coming.

  5. I'm w/ you on this topic. No morning kisses until teeth are brushed, and you better be clean! LOL
    I have read stories where the author has included humor where morning breath is concerned, and I get that, and love the humor part.

  6. I agree--the "hygiene" issues in the examples you gave always make me cringe.