Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ladies Who Launch!

Hello and thanks for dropping by! This is the launch week for Spicin’ It Up and I’m really excited to be part of this Spicy Authors’ group.

I will be your Tuesday Girl – Oh, I love the sound of that. I would love to have guests, giveaways and interviews, so if you’re game, fill in our form.

So this first blog is all about me… yikes! I find it much easier escaping into imaginary worlds than talking about the real one. I asked my man since high school, what shall I talk about? He said, ‘Why not talk about me?’

And since he is my biggest inspiration to write naughty romance, maybe I will (a little). Last year I was finishing a novel of mine which had some bedroom scenes included. I daren’t read them at my writing group so I tried them out on my man. He thought they were fine, great in fact, but how could I know he was being objective? With his encouragement and to make sure I could write sex well, I submitted a short story to an Xcite anthology. Imagine my delight when a couple of months later, I got a contract through. When I saw my story in print, I was hooked! I still finished that novel but I realized, while the lovin’ was good, the rest of it was a little dull. I decided to stick to the steamy romance. After some more short stories came my paranormal novella, Mia’s Books, which Beachwalk Press published in July. I am so delighted to be part of the romance community. Everyone is so helpful, friendly and enthusiastic. And the gals on this blog are no exception!

So what about my man? The one who listens endlessly to chapters and drafts of my stories and books without complaint? Well, tomorrow we celebrate our anniversary and to tie in with this new blog, we’re Spicin’ It Up old school with a curry in town.

As a thank you for joining me on my first spot, I have a copy of Mia’s Books to give away – simply leave a comment and I’ll pick a name out of a hat – or a stocking! PS. adults only ;) by commenting, you agree to this.


  1. awesome Tabitha! Lucky you about your man letting you read your stuff. Mine won't touch it!

  2. It's always nice to have a man who'll listen to "girly romance stuff". Mine tries to listen, he really does, but he always ends up falling asleep. Now I would take that personally, but the man can't even watch a movie without falling out. I blame it on his swing shift. Good luck with all your novella and future books! I can't wait to read them. Paranormal is my all time fav type of read!!

  3. Thanks for your lovely comments Ladies! I was told once that you must always read your writing aloud... I just can't do it by myself, the sound of my own voice in an empty room, eeuuww! x x

  4. Happy Anniversary! I'm too embarrassed to read my books to my husband. And, if he read them, I'm afraid he'd asked where I learned all of that. lol Google is a beautiful thing;)

  5. Thank you Ella - I sometimes blush too...!
    And thank you all for your comments - this was a one day give away and the winner of Mia's Books is *dramatic pause* crystal!

  6. Yay!! Thank you Tabitha! My email is crystalsleeper@yahoo.com

  7. Mine loves the sex scenes. He always asking me to read them to him.
    I can't. lol
    But I must admit he's a good beta reader. He has to read the whole book, however. I guess he must like my writing 'cause he does.
    At least the sexier stuff.
    If there's no sex showed in them, he won't read them.
    Happy Anniversary, Tabitha.
    Mine was Sept. 18.