Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sometimes you have to sweat!

Hey, welcome to Spicy Authors. I'm glad you could make it today. I'm so proud to be a part of Beachwalk Press.
I'm having a hard time writing, so I decided to resurrect this old post from years ago. I changed a few things to make it up-to-date, but... Just goes to show how some things never change.

So then why do I continue to write?
I love it when the first draft of my work-in-progress seems to flow out of me. Sometimes the heroine and hero grab at me and won't let me go. It's as if their writing the book for me.
That's the way it was with the last book I wrote. It took me less than two months to finish the first draft of it.
Amazing, right?
Book three of the series (which is under contract with a different publisher) isn't going as well for me. And I don't really understand why. Usually I have a hard time writing when I'm not familiar with the characters. But I know the hero and heroine for this book; I've met them in the first two books of the series. Yet still I can't seem to get the story moving the way I want it to. I even resorted to handwriting out a outline, so I could see the story easier in my mind. (And I hate plotting.) I know where I want to go with my characters and story; I just can't seem to find the right avenue to get there.
I guess it's time for me to park my butt into my seat -- and write. I've been doing just that all morning, and I think I've finally wrote past my block. Maybe I will have this book finished by November 1 after all.
Good thing. The Dressmaker's Dilemma, the second book in the Winter Creek, Montana series, is patiently waiting for me to get back to it.
Oh, well.
Sometimes you've just got to sweat!


  1. Oh I hear you, Theresa! I am flitting about all over the place with my writing just now... we'll get there! Good luck x

  2. I am so with you. I don't like outlining and having to think so much. Book 2 that I have been working on in my series has been giving me a hard time. Some days I could only get 500 words out. I have put it aside for now and working on something that is purely fun and have no idea if I will attempt to publish it. This just flows right out. I hope to be finished with it next week.

    Good luck Theresa. Perhaps we should put our problem characters in a room together and let them all hash it out!

  3. Good Luck with the writing. It'll'll see:)


  4. Thanks for the encouragement ladies.
    Yesterday I managed to finish the problem scene plus a scene and a half more.
    I really want to put 'the end' to this book, so I can get back to the second book of Winter Creek
    Hope everyone is having a great day.