Monday, September 26, 2011

My Confession

First, I want to say, welcome to Spicin' It Up. We hope to you enjoy our posts and come back often to visit. If your a fellow author, editor, blogger, and so on and would like to guest, we would love to have you!

I am Lacey Wolfe and my first release is coming out on October 17, 2011. This experience has been a lot of fun. I think I am still giddy and waiting on someone to pinch me and tell me I'm just dreaming. In fact, as I look at the date and see I am less then a month away, I feel butterflies fluttering around my stomach rapidly.

So, with the pressure on my shoulders of being the first to post, I thought I would confess. Yes, I have a confession. I'm too embarrassed to tell people who I do not personally know that I am an author. **blushes**. I wonder if its because I don't have a book yet that someone can buy and maybe my nervousness will change once I can direct them to my website.

I then wonder if its because my book is dirty. When you don't know someone well and they want to know about your book, well first I have to say the title, Amber's Muse. That always gets an eyebrow raised. Then the next question, what is it about? I usually giggle at this point and say its about a woman writing her own book and she lacks the sexual experience to write the book. I then add that yes, my book is dirty.

I can say that so far those few strangers I have told have been very intrigued and have said they are interested in buying the book.

I guess I am just not fully there yet to shout to the world "I am an author, hear me roar!" Maybe that will all change on October 17.



  1. I understand completely, Lacey. I'm the VP of my kids PTO, so no way am I shouting out what I write about at those board meetings. lol!

    But, I am getting more comfortable about telling people who ask. I'm also learning that more people than you'd think like reading steamy romances (even if they don't fess up right away).

    I've met so many readers/writers on-line that I don't mind not sharing with my friends/family.

    Good luck with the release of your book and with each one you'll get more comfortable. But shout it out to us every chance you get...let us hear you roar!


  2. I agree, I believe lots of readers out there enjoy some spicy romance. I know once I read my first, there was no turning back. Then once you dip into the even dirtier, I really think you can't look back!

  3. I have ten books either out or under contract right now, and I still have problems talking about it. It's easier now, though.
    Congrats on you release.

  4. A brilliant post, Lacey - I'm coming up for a year as a published 'spicy romance'author - I love it but sometimes still shy! Can't wait to read Amber's Muse x

  5. Happy Launch Day! Congrats Lacey--you earned this book and when you're ready, yell it to anyone who wants to hear!