Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Memorable Teachers

This week we're talking about those teachers who left an impression on us.

Lacey Wolfe:
My 7th grade English teacher Mrs. Crenshaw. She encouraged me in my writing at an early age and never discouraged me. Even when she asked for a short story and I instead just turned in a new chapter to the book I was currently writing.

Ellen Cummins:  
My high school dance teacher mrs brynhi. I was shy and she always reached out to me with a smile and encouraging words.

Olivia Starke:
My high school science teacher. We did crazy stuff like make a potato vodka still in AP class, and he treated us like young adults and expected us to act that way. He always said my extremely conservative public school could fire him if they didn't like it. He retired because science is awesome and so was he.

T. Cobins:
I didn't have a favorite teacher but i did have a person who worked in the wood work department. He always had a nice word etc his name? believe me when i tell you it was Mr. Chip lol

Tracey Rogers:
Mrs Broad, my English teacher. You have to love the teacher who gives you reading homework smile emoticon

Tabitha Rayne:
I had an art teacher who took us around Glasgow art gallery - when we looked at another boring painting of flowers he said "of course - it's wonderful when you realise this has nothing to do with flowers but is all about women"He wasn't my favourite at the time - it took me years to understand what he meant - when I saw The Dinner Party by Judy Chicago - I had a penny drop moment. Then I adored him!

Pamela Tyner:
My favorite teacher was my high school social studies teacher, because his class wasn't about just memorizing facts. He taught us about life. We discussed things, and he listened to what we had to say and talked to us like young adults who were capable of thinking. He was a great teacher.

Deanne Parker:
My favorite teacher was my acting teacher in college. She told me to never give up on anything I wanted to do.

Tara Mills:
My favorite was my fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Kottke. She was so kind and encouraging. I wrote and illustrated my very first book and gave it to her as a gift. I'd taken a lot of time with it, even typed it out on the typewriter I got for Christmas. She predicted I'd become a writer when I grew up on my final report card before summer vacation. She took my spark of interest and lit the fire that still burns in me. I'm eternally grateful.

Did you have a favorite teacher?

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