Wednesday, June 10, 2015

It's All New Again

I write contemporary romance. If you’ve read either Sunny’s Second Chance or Sunny’s Hope, you can probably guess that I like to focus on stories of realistic people with realistic problems. I like to take a huge, frustrating issue ~ like racism ~ and let it play out between my characters in a way that leaves me feeling satisfied at the end and optimistic about life. I hope my readers end up feeling that way too.
But as I watched my three-year-old grand daughter in her pink satin dress and “glass slippers” play pretend today, I noticed something. Even though I write about contemporary problems, all the characters in my stories are echoes of the make-believe characters she loves so much. The Princess and Prince Charming are obviously Sunny and Ben, but there’s also a Wicked Stepmother and a Dastardly Villain and even a kind of Fairy Godmother in my books. I bet if we looked further, we'd find that all the characters we loved as children are new again, playing out endless variations of Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast and Snow White in our romance stories. How cool is that? Thanks for stopping to read! See you in two weeks. ~ Nola Cross "Small town...big love."

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