Thursday, June 11, 2015

Getting Excited!

by Stephanie Beck

Summer is so fantastic. I live in Minnesota, so summer is a big deal for me. Summer means sunshine and hot days and sunshine and going to the beach and sunshine...yeah, I miss being able to enjoy the sunshine when it is soooo cold.

We put in a patio last year, and my favorite thing is to take my notebook out and write while my kiddos play. I inevitably get pulled into a soccer game, but I usually get a few words in. This summer I'm hoping to get some serious writing done:

Sequel to Poppy's Passions--SaraJean needs a story (don't remember SaraJean--go read Poppy's Passions again, I'll wait)

Something about Hawaii, because I'm fascinated with the island life lately (or I really, really need a vacation)

Something paranormal--I'm thinking werewolves because I like them. A lot.

And between the new writing, I'll be promoting up a storm and giving away a lot of great stuff, so keep an eye out for my part in the Psychic Seductions Anthology coming from Beachwalk in July. You need to be keeping up with Beachwalk authors this summer--the good reads and prizes are all over the place.

In the meantime, happy reading!

Stephanie Beck

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  1. I love anthos and I like the authors that are in this book. I know that I am going to like reading this book.