Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Favorite Dates!

Happy Wednesday! Today we're sharing some of our favorite date spots.

Ella Jade:  Hubby and I do date night once a month. We try to pick a different dinner spot each time. I love looking forward to that evening. Once a year we do a weekend in NYC. We see a show and have dinner in the city. We stay in Times Square with all the hustle and the bustle.

Tamaria Soana: Dinner and a movie

Pamela Tyner: I love to go out to dinner (so I don't have to cook). I usually get to choose the restaurant and normally do seafood or Italian. And I like to do a movie too, but the prices are a deterrent (at $10 per ticket, plus the price of popcorn and drinks - which I have to have smile emoticon - it has to be something I *really* want to see)

Ellen Cummins: We love to go to Cool Hand Luke's. My daughter works there. Best Steaks in the land!!!

Stephanie Beck: We go out for dinner somewhere--doesn't usually matter much--but the fun part is after when we go run errands together. Going to the grocery store or hardware store without our kids really is one of our favorite things to do.

Nola Cross: We work together all day, then see each other at home every night, so dating sometimes seems like overkill. But now and then we do go out to dinner. We have an excellent middle eastern cafe here. Yummy!

Kaylie Newell: The movies.

What's your favorite place for a date?

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