Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday - Dating in the Dark by Tracey Rogers

Good morning and welcome to Tantalizing Tuesday. Today I'm sharing an excerpt of my latest release, Dating in the Dark, Book 1 in the Sweet Delights Series.

    “I need something delicious and naughty,” Sophie Rose said, exaggerating each word slowly, lacing each syllable with a need that said she wanted it now. Because she did. Badly. “Something rich and decadent that will melt on my tongue so I can taste it all day. And please, please—make it huge.”
    “Would you like that with or without cream?” a husky, very male voice said.
    Heat surged to her face with the force of scalding water, her mouth forming a wide O. She dropped her pen, fumbling with both hands to regain hold of the phone she’d nearly tossed like a hot potato.
    Speaking of hot.
    That was not the voice she was expecting. Not that anyone had ever talked dirty to her before, but Lord he had the perfect voice for it. Or had she subconsciously dialed Make-MeMelt? Because it really had been one of those weeks.
    With her colleagues now looking quizzically in her direction, she closed her gaping mouth and offered a weak smile. Not that she was fooling them. She would share her moment of mortification later. They would love this. Pushing with her toes, she swiveled the chair around until she faced the window. Her white shirt suddenly seemed a bit tighter over her heated skin. She took a small breath, ignored the race of her pulse, and fought to regain composure.
    “I’m so sorry, I thought you were Sweet Delights,” she said in a lowered tone as she cringed inwardly.
    “I am.”
    “I’m sorry?”
    “Sweet Delights—that’s me,” he drawled.
    Sweet Delights indeed. The name suddenly conjured up images of naughtiness that had nothing to do with delicious cakes and pastries. Treat Day Friday had suddenly taken on a new meaning.

Can you find what you need hidden within the dark?

Hiding out in his sister's bakery to recover from a recent injury isn't an ideal solution for newly unemployed meteorologist Damian Trent. Especially since he doesn't like cake. But hiding anywhere is preferable to facing the media frenzy revolving around his life. He has no intention of being seen by anyone. That is, until he hears a honey-toned voice over the phone.

Public relations agent Sophie Rose has a boss who makes her working week a hellish one. He drives her to her need for sugar, so the recently opened Sweet Delights Bakery is perfect for her much needed Friday treat. But one day when she calls to place an order, she gets an unexpected surprise.

Sophie's keen to dump her V-plates, though only the right man will do. Damian, with his sexy, yet familiar sounding voice, seems the ideal person for her to gain some much needed experience with. But why do they need to date in the dark?

Content Warning: contains sensual sex

Thank you for reading :-)
~ Tracey


  1. Well written and entertaining excerpt. Thank you for sharing that!