Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday - Demon Hunter by Jacquie Underdown

This week on Tantalizing Tuesday, we have Jacquie Underdown and her upcoming release Demon Hunter.
Sammy slowly leant closer and pressed her lips to his. All Jonty’s angst, all his desire, was communicated in a single sigh of acceptance. He opened her lips with his, found her tongue. She loved his warmth, his taste, the rough prickle of his chin. She had ached for this ever since that first kiss. Her entire body buzzed with a delicious energy, a want, a need. His strong hands gripped her hips, then slid up her spine to her neck where he pulled gently on the hair at her nape.
She looked into his eyes. “How can what is happening between us be wrong? It feels so pure.”
“It’s complicated.”
“Does it have to be complicated?”
He shrugged. “I can’t see any other way.”
Sammy ran her thumb along his full bottom lip. His eyes languidly closed. She couldn’t resist leaning in, taking that very lip between her own, and kissing him again, exactly as she imagined.
“Tasting you is easy enough,” she said.
He smiled. “Easy, and it feels so incredibly good.”
Sammy stood before him and lowered onto his lap. She circled her arms loosely around his neck and kissed him again. “How about we do whatever feels incredibly good then?”
He rested his forehead against hers. His lips lightly grazed her as he spoke. “But once I start with you, I—I won’t be able to stop. I will cross the line.”
She ran her tongue over her bottom lip and whispered, “I won’t want you to stop.”
She felt his cock tighten against his jeans and push into her thigh. She rocked against it, relishing the way it made him release a shuddering sigh and close his eyes. Slowly, she reached for her shirt and lifted it over her head. Her breasts bounced, her nipples instantly tightening as she released them from her bra.
The cool air against her sensitive tips, and his lascivious gaze, sent shivers up her spine. Using her knees, she lifted her body so her breasts were at the perfect height for his lips. She edged closer and dipped her breast toward his mouth. He eagerly parted his lips, received her nipple in his warm mouth, and sucked. Gently at first. She gasped as he swirled his tongue over its surface, sending surges of pleasure down to her yearning sex. He grabbed her other breast in his hand and hungrily devoured it with his mouth.
Sammy’s breaths grew deeper as her mind succumbed to the fog of intense arousal. All she wanted, needed, demanded, was his bulging cock inside her.
“Denying this attraction between us won’t stop it,” she managed to say, breathless. “Whether you wanted to or not, you’ve already crossed the line. The line is far behind us, left it in the dust of this lust. You and me, meeting, being here now, is beyond our control. It’s bigger than you and I. Bigger than our physical shells. It’s deeper. It’s unstoppable. Tell me you feel it too.”
Jonty nodded. “I feel it in my heart.” He pressed his hand to his chest. “This yearning for you makes me ache, right here.”
Sammy found the button on his jeans, undid it, and slid the zipper slowly down. She pulled his underwear lower, reached in, and released his steely erection. Grasping its thick base, she slid her hand along the immense length of him, up then down. He blew a long hiss of air from between his lips as he watched her hand gripping him.
She brushed her lips against his ear. “How about we simply try? No promises.” She slid her hand from root to tip again. His chest was heaving, his face slack with pleasure.
Jonty growled, abruptly stood, and lifted Sammy into his arms. He kissed her with an urgency she was barely capable of matching.

Coming October 20th, 2014

Sometimes finding love at the wrong time and in the wrong place can be exactly what is needed.

Sammy has dedicated her life to helping others. She doesn’t have an enemy in the world, so why is she suddenly on the Dark Walkers most-wanted list?

Jonty, a soldier from the future, has been sent back to the twenty-first century to eliminate the Dark Walkers. He hates this time period and wants nothing more than to get in, perform his duties, avoid all distractions, and get out. But that changes when he meets Sammy. There is something about her, beyond her beauty and courage, which he can’t resist.

When Sammy is saved by Jonty, it’s insta-boom-lust. There is nothing complicated about how this strong, sexy man makes her feel. And she knows Jonty feels the same way, so why does he resist her?

With humanity under threat, and both their lives in danger, there are greater things at stake than a little romance. Or is there? Destiny may have other plans. And their deep sexual attraction may just be the key to saving them all.

Content Warning: contains steamy sex, mature language, and some violence 

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