Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Spicin' It Up Wednesday Flash Fiction Contest!

This week's writing prompt is: I don't want to go 
Now the Rules:

I'll give you a writing prompt and you'll write a story including said prompt that's between 150-250 words. That means it must be at least 150 words BUT no more than 250 words. Leave your story in the comments section below. I'll be the weekly judge and you'll want to leave your name, email address, and word count for me at the end of your story. I have to have all these things, especially the email addy to contact the winner. :)

The contest will run from Wednesday 12 AM Eastern (U.S.) to 11:59 PM Eastern (U.S.). Make sure to get your story in before closing! Any posted after 11:59 PM will not be entered. I'll announce the winner Thursday on this blog post, the Beachwalk Press Readers' Group and will also email the winner by Thursday evening.

And what does the winner receive? The above nifty button to show off where ever they darn well please and bragging rights that they told a fantastic story in 250 words or less! :)

(FYI All stories submitted are the intellectual property of the authors.)
You must include the exact words in the writing prompt above. It can be anywhere in the story, as long as it's in there.
This contest is open to everyone, now blow me away with your awesome stories!

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  1. She stared out at the car packed with all her things. “I don’t want to go,” she mumbled under Excitement should’ve been her main emotion, but instead sadness was front and center.
    “I’m going to miss you so much.” Her mom put an arm around her shoulder.
    She glanced up, tears in her mother’s eyes. Her mom had done everything for her throughout the years. Worked, made it to all her class parties, and was always there with a shoulder to lean on.
    “Don’t be sad, honey. I’ll be fine here without you. You have no idea how proud I am of you.” Her mom squeezed her tight. “Now go. Get in that car and start a new life.”
    She turned and wrapped her arms around her mother’s waist. “I love you. I’ll be home every weekend to do laundry.”
    Her mom chuckled. “I have no doubt.”

    Lacey Wolfe
    laceywolfe at live dot com
    147 words