Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday - Sunny's Second Chance by Nola Cross

This week, Nola Cross is teasing us from her story Sunny's Second Chance.


“All right, sweetheart. Go put your nightie on. I can wait.” He smiled in what he hoped was a relaxed way. Whatever would make Sunny feel more at ease would work for him too. They had several hours together. There was no reason they had to rush things. Though his cock was standing at attention and would have liked to have its own way as soon as possible.
Sunny grabbed her bag and disappeared into the bathroom. Ben picked up his wine glass, drained it, and filled it again. He wandered to the window and pulled aside the drapes, staring out at the wintry street. In the distance, the red lights of the radio towers on the West Hills winked festively. Radio! He grabbed the hotel television guide and checked to see if they listed any satellite music channels. Sure enough, in a minute or two he had found a station with soft background melodies, creating the perfect moody complement to the candlelight.
The door to the bathroom cracked open and Ben turned. His mouth went dry. He didn’t know what he’d expected when she’d said nightgown, but it certainly was something more conservative than the provocative bit of white lace she was wearing.
“Sweet heaven!”
A hesitant smile danced on her lips. “You like it?”
“Sunny, you take my breath away.”
She lingered for a moment in the doorway, limned by the bathroom light, then she flicked off the switch. But not before he had looked his fill.
The abbreviated gown left her smooth shoulders and arms bare, as well as her shapely legs up to mid-thigh. It was cut very low in front, offering a delectable view of her cleavage. Not only that, but the lace itself was sheer enough that the outline of her nipples was clearly defined. Below her waist, there were tantalizing hints of a darker mystery where her thighs met. His erection, which had begun to soften while she was in the bathroom, grew painfully stiff again.
She came toward him, her lush breasts bobbing slightly with each step, a hopeful, shy expression on her face. When she drew near, he held out his hand and pulled her close.
“Do you know how sexy you are, Sunny? My God, you’re a knock out.”
“I don’t know…”
“I do. Trust me. Your ex must have been out of his mind to want anyone but you.”
As his lips claimed hers once more, her face was suffused with self-conscious pleasure, which only heightened her beauty. He would have to see to it that she received that type of compliment on a regular basis.
“Can I take you to bed now?”
“Please,” she said, breathless.
He led her across the room and they sat down together on the edge of the mattress.
“You’re still dressed,” she said.
“Not for long.”
He caressed her cheek, stroking his hand back through her hair and bringing her face closer. This time when he kissed her he used his tongue to describe the act of love, penetrating her pliant lips with eager thrusts. She gave a soft moan, a sound that set him on fire, and he let his hand drop lower to finally cup her breast. Beneath the lace, her nipple was already pebbling. He pinched it gently and she moaned again.
It took nothing to sweep the top of the nightie off her shoulder and touch her bare skin. As he held the silky weight of her naked breast in his palm, she drew back from his kiss and looked down at what he was doing. They both watched as he coasted the pad of his thumb back and forth over her responsive nipple, bringing it to an unabashed peak. He lowered his mouth and kissed her there, pulling the succulent tip into his mouth.


What if love really is better the second time around?

It's a rough Christmas for just-divorced Sunny Williamson and her six-year-old daughter, Jasmine. When your no-good husband leaves you for a pretty young dancer, it's hard not to feel old, fat, and frumpy. But then she meets a handsome widower, Ben Stillman, and his young son, Spencer. The two kids hit it off, dragging their parents into an unwitting friendship.

Sunny's never thought about dating a white man. The whole interracial thing seems risky, especially since Jasmine is still struggling with adjusting to her father's defection. What if the little girl gets attached to Ben and Spencer and things don't work out?

Ben has been struggling under the weight of grief since his wife's death a year ago. He suspects it's too soon to move on, but somehow he wants to make Christmas special for Spencer. Then he meets Sunny and everything changes. She chases away the darkness and makes him feel alive again. Can the two of them learn to trust the magic between them long enough to give love a second chance?

Content Warning: contains sensual sex and some explicit language

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